Lipidots - Nanodelivery Platform for the Application of Cosmetics

CEA-Leti, a company that helps bridge the gap between research and production of nanotechnologies, have transferred its patented Lipidots® Nanovector technology to Capsum Cosmetics.

Lipidots® has been designed for cosmetic application. This technology is a nano-delivery platform that involves oil vesicles designed to carry drugs or fluorescent imaging agents to targeted tissue in the body to help with the diagnosis and treatment of a diseases/aliment.

Lipid-based nanoparticles have been designed with an oily core made up of soybean oil and wax, a single layer of phospholipids and co-surfactants (PEG chains). The lipid core holds the lipophilic content (containing the active pharmaceutical agent). A high-energy sheering process is used to form these lipidots.

One of the advantages with this new technology is the manufacturing process behind this – it’s simple, efficient, and allows for a high and clean turnover of the product without the use of any solvents, making Lipidots® a key angle for pharmaceutical and cosmetics companies to help enhance the way their products can be delivered.

Tube filled with the nanocarrier Lipidots. Image credits: CEA-Leti.

Lipidots® will be  important for drugs that are not easily soluble; to provide a delivery system for highly potent drugs ensuring that the active agent reacts with specified tissues and not surrounding healthy tissue in the body; and for drugs that will fall soon out of patent (i.e., to provide a patent extension). This technology will definitely be key component to the development and delivery of pharmaceutical agents.

The size of these nanoparticles can range from 30 to 120nm. Cytotoxic studies have revealed that these lipid-based nanoparticles are well tolerated by cell cultures, with pre-clinical in-vivo trials showing promising results (no immunogenicity, absent toxicity, and great targeting).

Capsum Cosmetics are now using this technology for their NeoGouttesTM nano-emulsions used to vectorize an active agent for delivery into specific cells in humans. The system is suitable for lipophilic active ingredients for targeting keratinocytes, fibroblasts and melanocytes from pigmented human epidermis. The aim is to deliver the active drug into the human cell for maximum effect.

The application of Lipidots® to design and develop cosmetic products for more efficient transportation of these agents into the cells will set a new standard for the way this industry - one of the leading platforms in the current business sector - will transform the way these products are better applied for maximum customer satisfaction.

Cosmetic application is just one of the major investments for Lipidots®; this innovative technology transfer method is becoming a key component to boosting pre-clinical development of LipImage 851TM, a liver cancer detection system. The Lipidots® technology will help transport this liver cancer agent to targeted malignant cells (focussing on the early stages of liver cancer). Additional application for Lipidots® includes in vitro diagnostics, photo therapy, fluorescence imaging, and vaccination.


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