Lumenera Offers Microscopy Cameras for Use in Challenging Laboratory Applications at the University of Auckland

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The Requirement
Lumenera's Imaging Solution to SBS
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The School of Biological Sciences (SBS) at The University of Auckland in New Zealand offers a variety of disciplines underpinning education and research, in a wide range of fields, including Plant Science, Microbiology, Marine Biology, Ecology, Bioscience Enterprise, Biomedicine, and Bioinformatics.

The Requirement

With more than 30 research projects being handled, SBS required to modernize its lab equipment to achieve improved efficiency and results. Identifying a reasonably priced, comprehensive microscopy imaging system capable of dealing with a variety of applications was a difficult task for the SBS.

With the requirement to handle many different applications and users, the software solution required to be user-friendly and Mac compatible. Generating high quality images with superior color reproduction was the most important requirement for SBS.

Lumenera's Imaging Solution to SBS

Lumenera and MEIJI Techno provided SBS with a complete solution that included MEIJI microscopes, Lumenera's INFINITY 2-1C microscopy cameras (Figure 1), INFINITY ANALYZE and INFINITY CAPTURE application software, as well as a classroom management software solution that enabled SBS to network the classroom.

Figure 1. Lumenera’s INFINITY2-1C microscopy camera.

Lumenera's INFINITY cameras have higher sensitivity with superior color reproduction. With these megapixel cameras, SBS is able to achieve the image quality required in demanding lab applications. The following are the reasons behind the selection of Lumenera cameras:

  • Complete Imaging Solution - Provided microscope, camera, application software and classroom networking software all at a reasonable price. Like all standard Lumenera microscopy cameras, the INFINITY2-1 comprises of both INFINITY CAPTURE and INFINITY ANALYZE application software.
  • Superior Image Quality and Color Reproduction – Lumenera's INFINITY color camera delivers higher quality images and superior color reproduction when compared to competitive cameras.
  • User-Friendliness – In close cooperation with MEIJI and its local distributor Micro Imaging, Lumenera developed a complete solution, demonstrating the easy-to-use INFINITY software packages, the rapid plug-and-play deployment of the USB 2.0 cameras, and the ease of integration.
  • Mac Compatibility – Lumenera offers a plug-in for download, enabling customers utilizing Macintosh computers to have a total control over Lumenera's INFINITY cameras.
  • Classroom Management Networking Software – The networking solution is easy to install, user-friendly and suitable for teaching in a computer-based classroom, eliminating the disruptions that computers can bring to learning.
  • Software Versatility – The flexibility and user friendliness of INFINITY software facilitates it as simple or difficult to utilize as required by students.
  • Wide Range of Applications – the INFINITY camera is suitable for a myriad of applications, making it financially sensible when compared to lower priced cameras.


Lumenera is dedicated to work closely with customers to provide a suitable solution to fulfill their requirements through its novel products and continuous support.

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About Lumenera

As a global market leader, Lumenera provides an extensive range of high quality digital cameras with unique combinations of speed, resolution and sensitivity to satisfy the demands of today's imaging applications.

Lumenera also offers custom design services to OEM partners requiring specialized hardware and software features.

Our core competencies include digital bus technologies such as USB 2.0, Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) as well as a complete command of digital imaging hardware and software built around CMOS and CCD based imagers. Our diversity provides our customers with the benefits of superior price-to-performance ratios and faster time-to-market.

Lumenera’s commitment to high quality, cost-effective solutions is unparalleled. Lumenera provides customized design services, continuous innovation and licensing options to our partners and OEM customers.

Lumenera’s custom cameras can be adapted to fit your application requirements whether simple or complex. Rely on Lumenera’s expertise for timely modifications, ranging from small hardware and software adjustments such as private-labelled enclosures, to complete made-to-spec solutions with alternate form-factors and unique mechanicals.

Our commitment to innovation and customer service are unparalleled. We recognize that the success of Lumenera is highly dependent on our ability to satisfy our customers. Our goal is to provide our external and internal customers with services and experiences that exceed their expectations.

In July 2006, Lumenera became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Roper Industries Inc. [NYSE – ROP], a diversified industrial company on the S&P 500 index that produces engineered products for global niche markets. Lumenera works in partnership with Roper and its affiliates to further expand its product offerings through their global supply chain.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Lumenera Corporation.

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