Applying a Megapixel Camera by Lumenera to Help the HORIBA Group Develop Fluorescence Measuring Instruments

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HORIBA's Requirement
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The HORIBA Group, which provides solutions to scientific researchers to fulfill their requirements, designed a user-friendly photon counting instrument called DynaMyc for analyzing dynamic events in microscopic samples and quantifying fluorescence lifetimes on a micron scale. This capability enables DynaMyc to help researchers identify areas of interest in samples.

HORIBA's Requirement

HORIBA's DynaMyc demanded an imaging component with sophisticated fluorescence capabilities and low-light sensitivity to acquire the finest details of a scientific sample. This sensitive system required a megapixel camera that can snap clear pictures of intricate samples and fluorescence stains. Color reproduction was also an important aspect owing to the nature of fluorescence and the significance of interpreting the areas of interest.

Lumenera’s Imaging System

HORIBA selected Lumenera's INFINITY3-1C to fulfill its stringent imaging requirements. The camera enables DynaMyc users to preview the fluorescence intensity throughout the sample, thanks to its unprecedented low-light sensitivity. It produces high-resolution images that provide the details of the relevant sample areas at which the fluorescence lifetime can be quantified, mapped and studied. DynaMyc - Lifetime Microscope System featuring the INFINITY3-1C is depicted in Figure 1.

Figure 1. DynaMyc - Lifetime Microscope System featuring the INFINITY3-1C.

The USB connection capabilities of the INFINITY3-1C were also one of the reasons for its selection, enabling easy integration into any PC without the requirement for additional PCI or FireWire ports. Moreover, the DirectX compatibility of the INFINITY camera facilitates rapid integration of live video display and video capture capabilities into HORIBA’s software.

HORIBA's DynaMyc has fluorescence lifetime imaging capabilities, which leverages the power of fluorescence dynamics through time-correlated single photon counting (TCSPC). TCSPC is the most sensitive technique for fluorescence measurements. The integration of Lumenera's imaging system enables DynaMyc users to work with fluorescence easily and efficiently. Lumenera’s INFINITY camera is shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2. Lumenera’s INFINITY Camera.

According to Marion Toury, R&D Engineer at the HORIBA Group, the Lumenera INFINITY3-1C camera is capable of producing high quality fluorescence images and facilitating the selection of the region of interest for fluorescence lifetime imaging applications owing to its intensity and spectral information. The INFINITY3-1C is a critical component to the single photon counting capabilities of HORIBA’s DynaMyc microscope.


With Lumenera’s CCD imaging component, HORIBA’s DynaMyc system is able to determine the area of interest and provide fluorescence imaging utilizing a high dynamic range, low noise cooled camera. The DynaMyc in conjunction with the INFINITY3-1C is able to provide full reconvolution analysis to produce maps of the fit parameters, including fluorescence intensity, lifetimes, average lifetime, and relative amplitudes.

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