Top Ten Measurements Tips Using the Genova Nano

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Measurement Tips Using the Genovo Nano
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The Genova Nano micro-volume spectrophotometer is capable of measuring volumes as low as 0.5µl with a high degree of accuracy, speed and repeatability. It can determine small sample volumes, conserve sample, minimize the need for dilution and eliminate the need for cuvettes. Cleaning is simple and quick, wiping the read heads with a microfibre cloth removes all trace of the sample, enabling faster change over between samples and therefore increasing sample throughput.

Figure 1. The Genova Nano

The key features of the Genova Nano are:

  • Micro-volume, life science and standard spectrophotometer in 1
  • Ideal for DNA, RNA and Protein measurements
  • Only 0.5µl sample volume required
  • Results are reproducible, accurate and easily obtained
  • Method and result saving to USB memory stick
  • Purity scan over entire wavelength range, 198 to 1000nm
  • Detects DNA concentrations as low as 2ng/µl
  • Easy and quick to clean

Measurement Tips Using the Genovo Nano

The top 10 measurement tips while using the Genovo Nano are as follows:

  1. It must be ensured that the read heads are clean. The upper and lower read heads must be wiped with a lint-free cloth wetted with de-ionised water to remove any residues of previous samples. Next dry it with a fresh cloth.
  2. In case a stable droplet does not form, "buff" the read head surfaces by rubbing aggressively with a dry laboratory wipe 30-40 times. The surface is reconditioned.
  3. Ensure that the sample is mixed well and free of particles or air bubbles. In case a bubble is formed during pipetting the sample, remove the sample and do the pipetting again.
  4. For measurement use atleast 2µl of sample. During measurement at 0.2mm path length, a minimum of 0.5 µl can be used.
  5. Each sample droplet can be read only once. After the sample has been measured, the read head moves into a default position. This implies that in case the sample is measured again, contact of the droplet with the read heads may be lost and the subsequent reading will not give a valid result.
  6. It is important to use a sample having a sufficient concentration. Understand that the short path length creates a "virtual dilution" of the sample of 1 in 20 at 0.5mm and 1 in 50 at 0.2mm. This implies that a sample which would normally read an absorbance of 1.0 in a standard 10mm cuvette will only give a value of 0.05 at 0.5mm or 0.02 at 0.2mm.
  7. In order to reduce any factors that may interfere with a reading such as sample turbidity or contaminants carried over from sample preparation, it is suggested that a background reading is also recommended that a background reading is also made at a second reference wavelength where the sample absorbance is low and unchanging. In the protein direct and nucleic acid UV modes, this option is set on default to ON at a 320nm wavelength and can be deactivated if needed.
  8. Use the same measurement mode if comparing the concentrations of samples. Different modes use different equations to calculate the final sample concentration.
  9. It is important to understand that while measuring micro volume samples, minute changes in absorbance can cause much greater differences in calculated concentration values because of the inherent "dilution" factor of the small path length. For instance, during measurement of dsDNA, an absorbance change of just 0.001 equates to a derived concentration change of 1µg/ml at 0.5mm path length (based on 1 A260 unit of dsDNA = 50µg/ml).
  10. Jenway suggests that the micro volume accessory be calibrated every 6 months. A set of calibration solutions, part code 035 092, are supplied with the Genova Nano spectrophotometer for this purpose.

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