Using Aridion™ Nano-Coating Technology from P2i for Liquid Repellent Hearing Aids

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Aridion™ Nano-Coating
Advantages of Aridion Nano-Coating
Aridion’s Role in High-Performance Hearing Aids
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Aridion™ Nano-Coating

Aridion™ nano-coating technology from P2i provides much better protection to finished products through complete coverage of their every feature at the nanoscale, when compared to alternatrive methods. Aridion™ is a truly liquid-repellent coating with excellent durability that significantly lowers maintenance costs and warranty failure of finished goods.

Advantages of Aridion™ Nano-Coating

Aridion™ imparts superior liquid repellent characteristic to entire devices. When liquids come into contact with the treated surfaces, they create beads and slide off. It protects the delicate and costly components of electronic devices such as hearing aids (Figure 1) from liquid that causes damage such as electrical failure or corrosion.

Figure 1. Aridion™ nano-coating technology for liquid repellent hearing aids

The bonding of Aridion™ liquid-repellent nano-coating to the treated surface is at a molecular level, thus lasting as long as the material to which it gives protection. Aridion™ is an innovative ultra-thin protective layer which optimizes the performance of electronic devices without compromising their aesthetic appeal or feel.

Aridion’s Role in High-Performance Hearing Aids

Aridion™ provides ultimate protection to high-performance hearing aids. It is used to treat millions of hearing aids and most key manufacturers use this liquid-repellent nano-coating in the fabrication of their products. Its longevity is five times longer when compared to a market-leading coating product (Figure 2).

Figure 2. Aridion™ is five times more durable than leading market competitor's coating

Aridion™ coats hearing aids both internally and externally, covering their every aspect. The nano-coating is free from solvent and consumes only small amounts of monomer. In addition, processing of Aridion™ is efficient and less expensive. The treated devices retain their aesthetic appeal, feel and acoustic performance. Aridion™ provides unprecedented corrosion protection to hearing aids (Figure 3).

Figure 3. In tests, 100% of hearing aids treated with Aridion™ without signs of corrosion

About P2i Limited

P2i is uniquely positioned to provide tailored, invisible functionality across a range of manufacturing requirements, through proven nano-coating solutions. With commercial expertise driving application across five market sectors and a commitment to global service and support, P2i delivers outstanding performance improvement and new market opportunities to a wide range of products.

P2i was established in 2004 to commercialize technologies developed by the UK Government’s Defence Science & Technology Laboratory (DSTL). Research and development have identified innovative applications equipment and processing methods, culminating in a growing patent portfolio extending to over 65 families. Ongoing acquisitions have provided valuable new technologies such as antimicrobial, super hydrophilic and protein resistance coatings - making P2i the global leader in invisible surface functionality.

In addition to headquarters in the United Kingdom, P2i has a technology centre in the United States and an applications centre in China. P2i's technology is indicated in the Electronics sector by either its splash-proof or Dunkable™ nano-coatings.

In the Lifestyle sector, the technology is known as ion-mask™, while the P2i brand is used for industrial applications, such as those found in the Filtration and Life Sciences sectors.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by P2i Limited.

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