Determining Isolation Requirements with Site Survey Equipment

Herzan offers a wide range of site survey tools which enable the users to perform accurate measurements of environmental noise. This article describes two different tools and technologies used for site survey: VA-2 Vibration Analyzer and Wavecatcher System.

VA-2 Vibration Analyzer

Manufactured by the Swiss company Table Stable, the VA-2 analyzer consists of a controller unit and a sensitive measurement head. It is operated based on the sensor technology of the Table Stable’s active vibration control systems. The sensors operate in X, Y, and Z simultaneously, and the piezos within the analyzer convert kinetic energy into electrical energy.

The VA-2 sensor head has a well-characterized geometry and mass, which is tuned to allow extremely accurate measurements over the range of 2 to 1000 Hz - the most crucial range for structural and building vibrations.

The VA-2 controller includes adjustable gain, so that the sensitivity of the system can be increased or decreased based on the noise levels. The controller also provides the option of switching the display modes among velocity, displacement and acceleration.

VA-2 sensor

WaveCatcher System

The WaveCatcher system combines all the required components for site survey into one easy-to-use, compact site survey tool. It provides an analog signal output that can be viewed through FFT or oscilloscope. The analog signal can be converted into digital signal using a computer.

The system consists of a small analog to digital (A-to-D) conversion unit connected to a PC via USB cable. The A-to-D unit can also supply power to ICP sensors when connected to a computer.

The system features WaveCatcher software developed by Herzan, and it provides an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) and broad control over the variables. The output can be obtained in the form of a graph or as a numerical data.

The sensors used in the WaveCatcher system were selected based on the precise requirements of site survey. The arrangement is shipped in a heavy-duty carrying case, ensuring excellent portability.

wave catcher

About Herzan

Herzan provides high performance environmental solutions for precision research instruments. They include acoustic enclosures, vibration isolation systems, Faraday cages, and site survey tools. Herzan specializes in supporting nanotechnology research, but also offers solutions for product testing, in-vitro fertilization, and many other applications.

Herzan understands that every application and environment is different, so it collaborates with customers to create comprehensive integrated solutions that satisfy their unique demands.

Herzan was founded in 1992 by Ann Scanlan in Orange County, California. Originally, Herzan was established as an American subsidiary of Herz Company Ltd., a Japanese company specializing in vibration control. The name Herzan comes from the amalgamation of 'Herz' and 'Ann'.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Herzan.

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