ABB Provides Power Protection System for Toshiba to Ensure Continued Sustainable Production

Toshiba Mobile Display (TMD), a completely owned subsidiary of Toshiba Co., Ltd is a worldwide manufacturer of thin-film transistor liquid crystal modules of varying size.

The company is also involved in R&D, sales and manufacture of amorphous silicon, thin-film transistor liquid crystal display and low-temperature polysilicon. Its product line features touch screen function.

ABB is a global provider of power and production protection systems. The systems provide space saving, energy saving, and cost-savings for use in Toshiba Mobile Display Co. Ltd’s new manufacturing facility in Ishikawa, Japan.

This is ABB’s first and successful installation of power protection products in Japan. The technology is based on ABB’s power electronics team in Napier, New Zealand in association with ABB in Japan.

TMD’s Challenges in Construction of New Factory

With respect to the construction of TMD’s new factory in Japan, one of the key challenges involved was the control of voltage sags. Voltage sags may result in a day of checking and recovery of product quality and production lines, causing a millions of yen loss in production cost based on the scale.

TMD had identified the cause of voltage sags in their factories to be extreme weather conditions such as thunderstorms. In order to avoid voltage sags, TMD had been forecasting thunderstorms and stopping production temporarily.

As a result, the co-generator system was used to back-up the power supply which potentially increased the cost of electricity. Finally, TMD implemented ABB’s technology to control voltage sags.

ABB’s Solution

Following the data analysis of the lost time and the causes of the past voltage sags in its connection units, main power equipment and other factories in Ishikawa, TMD selected ABB’s PCS100 AVC (Active Voltage Conditioner) and PCS100 UPS-I based on the products’ proven cost performance in power quality and protection.

The PCS100 AVC can be operated without batteries, which results in lower maintenance costs. It also facilitates continuous voltage regulation, sag and swell protection. Figure 1 shows the typical configuration of PCS100 AVC. However, the PCS100 UPS-I is ideal for various industrial applications including tools, transformers, drives and motors. The device offers protection during outages occurring between seconds and minutes, based on storage such as batteries or super capacitors, deep sag and swell and system loading.

Typical configuration of PCS100 AVC

Figure 1. Typical configuration of PCS100 AVC

One UPS-I battery system with a rated power supply of 500kVA at 208 V/3 phase for five minutes and two 480V AVCs protecting down to 40% sags were chosen for this project.

Benefits of ABB’s Product

The following are the key benefits of UPS-1 battery system:

  • Small footprint design
  • Wide voltage ranges
  • Very high fault capacity compared with standard UPS solutions
  • Provides back-up during generator start-up and after a utility supply failure
  • Prevents short outages and very deep sags
  • Very high efficiency
  • Custom storage solutions
  • Prevents utility reclosure events
  • Allows process loads to control common power problems, reducing product wastage, increasing yield and improving productivity

The key benefits of AVC’s include:

  • Voltage unbalance correction
  • Continuous “ONLINE” regulation
  • Wide range of diagnostics
  • Protection against short circuit
  • Rapid operation
  • Partial correction, single-phase sags down to 0% remaining voltage
  • Partial correction, three-phase sags down to 30% remaining voltage
  • Full correction, three-phase sags down to 70% remaining voltage and single-phase sags down to 55% remaining voltage

Apart from the above, TMD acquired other benefits from ABB including a tight timescale for an intensive installation process that need to be completed before the start of winter, testing the full extremities of environmental forces.


ABB’s products have provided a complete operation and high standard since their implementation. Mr. Yoshiyuki Iida from TMD has also claimed to take ABB’s support for power protection solutions and had shown interest in knowing about ABB’s wider portfolio range.

Similarly, ABB’s Product Manager for power protection, Andrew Hiscock has claimed to have been delighted about the company’s partnership with TMD and successful implementation of ABB’s UPS and voltage conditioner products for critical load protection. He also announced his plans to execute more projects in TMD in near future and build their relationship further.

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