ABB Supply the PCS100 Active Voltage Conditioner (AVC) to SK Hynix for Crucial Power Protection During Manufacturing

PCS100 Active Voltage Conditioner (AVC) from ABB is used for preventing voltage sags and swells in different industry applications. Until now, ABB has supplied more than 700MVA to various leading organizations globally through its PCS100 power protection portfolio. ABB’s voltage conditioning technology has been employed in different areas from few kVA to applications involving many MVA such as computer rooms, industrial plants and large data centers.

ABB has supplied 2 x 1500kVA and 20 x 900kVA PCS100 AVCs to SK Hynix, a prominent memory chip manufacturer based in Korea. SK Hynix is involved in the production of semiconductors that rapidly increased the growth of IT sector.

Demand for Innovative Semiconductor Solutions

The widespread use of devices such as tablets and smartphones has increased the need for innovative and creative IT devices such as surface computers and keyboard operated without mouse, and smart cars. The production of these devices will subsequently improve the demand for semiconductors. Such demand has triggered SK Hynix to expand its M12 production line to produce both RAM and NAND Flash that ensure production flexibility and help coping up with ever changing market requirements.

ABB’s PCS100 AVCs are highly reliable and operate at an efficiency rate of over 98%. SK Hynix’s facility has been installed with a total of 22 PCS100 AVCs to protect the M12 12in wafer fabrication line from any power outages thereby increasing turnover and minimizing production loss.

Applications of ABB Power Protection Technology

ABB has been associated with SK Hynix for a long time, providing its power protection technology for many of the SK Hynix’s production lines including the M11 production line and preventing voltage disturbances. The M12 production line is an extension of the M8 and M11 production lines. The M12 line, upon completion, will produce over 40,000, 300mm wafers every month.

ABB has also supplied PCS100 AVCs to other companies including Toshiba Mobile Display (TDM), a global leader in manufacturing thin-film transistor liquid crystal modules. As quoted by Mr. Yoshiyuki Iida, TMD’s Group Manager, Manufacturing Group, New Clean room Promotion Dept,

TDM has plans to continue its association with ABB and exchange technical information on ABB’s wide product ranges.


The PCS100 AVCs technology as it is a battery-free system with low maintenance costs, and it provides continuous voltage regulation and sag and swell protection. Therefore, most of the leading industrial companies come forward to employ this power protection technology.

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ABB is a leading supplier of UPS and power conditioning products – ABB's PCS100 portfolio is a unique line up of low and medium voltage power conversion technology. The PCS100 power converters demonstrate highly reliable and cost-effective performance. With the PCS100 product portfolio, ABB offer efficient power conversion solutions that are specifically designed to solve power quality problems and stabilize networks. Covering applications from data centers through to complete industrial plant protection, microgrid systems and shore-to-ship supply, ABB have the power conversion technology for every need. Starting from a few kVA to many MVA and a wide range of supply voltages. ABB has installed more than 900 MW of power conditioning solutions worldwide. It’s business as usual with ABB Power Protection.

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