ABB Install Power Protection to HHGrace to Avoid Crippling Power Disruptions During Production

In the semiconductor industry, highly sensitive processes are used which require clean water, air and electrical supplies. In the absence of these necessities, sensitive equipment can be irreparably affected due to voltage sags. Such disruptions can possibly damage materials and resources, resulting in waste during each manufacturing process.

Protection from Power Quality Events

HHGrace Shanghai Huahong Grace Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation (HHGrace), a leading 8-inch pure-play wafer foundry, has procured ABB’s PCS100 active voltage conditioners (PCS100 AVCs) to protect its semiconductor manufacturing line from power quality events. The company has three 8-inch wafer fabrication plants in Jinqiao and Zhangjiang of Shanghai and manufactures more than 124,000 8-inch wafers per month. With headquarters based in Shanghai, China, HHGrace provides sales and technical support to customers in Europe, North America, Japan, and Taiwan.

The ABB PCS100 AVCs will allow the company to provide a steady supply of chips to customers. These systems have a high efficiency rate that surpasses 98%, thus making them highly reliable in industrial setups. This efficiency allows HHGrace to overcome voltage fluctuations that occur on the AC supply network.

In order to meet the increasing demand for silicon chips, HHGrace had to expand its production facility. The processes and tools required for creating the silicon chips such as die preparation, dry and wet etching, and packaging are quite susceptible to voltage dips, which are induced by environmental factors.

To protect these loads from voltage fluctuations, a reliable and maintenance-free solution was needed that can deliver a sag correction performance along with a local service support. In addition to delivering and installing power protection systems, ABB also provides local support to a wide range of industries. These systems are designed to endure and rectify the existing voltage sags that occur within the facilities.

Power Protection Solutions

Over the past decade, HHGrace was plagued with more than 100 voltage sags at its facility. The installation of the ABB PCS100 AVCs at the HHGrace plant helped in overcoming these issues. The systems now protects the company against power quality events, eliminates loss of resources and materials, and prevents potential production downtime. According to HHGrace, the PCS100 AVC is integrated with special performance features and provides nonstop voltage regulation.

ABB has in-depth experience in the semiconductor industry and delivers solutions to major semiconductor factories across the globe. The PCS100 AVC is a battery-free system that overcomes voltage sags and common utility issues, and at the same time provides continuous voltage regulation as well as voltage swell protection.

ABB’s PCS100 reactive power conditioner (PCS100 RPC) is capable of correcting low order harmonics, power factor, and imbalance problems created by semiconductor tool loads. The system reduces system current and thereby improves power system capacity and energy efficiency.

ABBs’ PCS100 UPS-I is customized to meet the demands of industrial applications like drives, motors, sensitive tools etc. The system not only offers protection during voltage sags and swells, but also provides protection from outages that extend from seconds to minutes, depending on system loading and storage, either batteries or super capacitors.

PCS100 UPS-I’s return on investment is less than a year as the issues it protects can be quite costly. Additional features of the of the PCS100 UPS-I are small footprint design, fast transfer time of below 2ms, and durable and economical operating life. In order to ensure a complete power protection of critical and sensitive loads, the PCS100 Medium Voltage UPS (PCS100 MV UPS) provides an ultimate solution. The system can be installed either to guard the preferred sensitive loads or the entire supply. Figure 1 shows ABB’s 300kVA PCS100 AVC.

ABB’s 300 kVA PCS100 AVC to ensure HHGrace is protected against power disruptions.

Figure 1. ABB’s 300 kVA PCS100 AVC to ensure HHGrace is protected against power disruptions.

ABB’s PCS100 power protection range features modular and scalable architecture that promotes compatibility between the systems and thus helps in overcoming standard power protection issues.


Although many companies opt to use ABB products on new FAB builds, semiconductor companies can add the PCS100 AVC, RPC or UPS-I power conditioning systems to their existing production plants. With a small footprint and a high efficiency rate, the ABB power protection systems provide an ultimate solution to a wide range of industries.

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