ABB Provides Kaneka with PCS100 UPS-I/PCS100 Reactive Power Conditioner to Protect the Polyimide Film Manufacturing Line

Kaneka has installed ABB’s power protection solution to protect its polyimide film production line. This exclusive power protection package integrates the PCS100 reactive power conditioner (PCS100 RPC) and PCS100 UPS products to guard the manufacturing line against voltage sags, swells and outages.

Dynamic Power Factor Control

ABB has set a milestone by combining two PCS100 products in a single platform, which eliminates voltage sags and swells through the UPS-I and simultaneously increases the power factor of the load over 0.90 through the PCS100 RPC. The PCS100 RPC is based on the PCS100 STATCOM development. Besides providing dynamic power factor control, the ABB PCS100 RPC allows filtering of low order harmonics and further enhances the power quality. This value added concept was essential to protect the critical equipment to achieve a steady output.

Polyimide materials are generally utilized as a versatile printed circuit board, also known as copper clad laminate. They are flexible, lightweight and have excellent resistance to chemicals and heat. These characteristics make them suitable for telecommunication devices such as HDD wireless suspensions, cell phones and optical pick-ups.

Turn-Key Solution

Kaneka utilizes the manufacturing line to deliver polyimide film to the electronic industry. A power outage during this production process can result in production downtime, which would ultimately lead to huge recovery costs. To overcome this issue, ABB provided a turn-key solution by installing the 323kVAr PCS100 RPC and the 1050kVA PCS100 UPS-I systems. In the event of a power outage, the PCS100 UPS-I would detach the load from the utility and provide complete power to the manufacturing line for a period of five minutes. At the same time, the PCS100 RPC would render power factor control over 0.90.

The company was looking for a suitable product that would supply power to the load of 1000kVA. The ABB PCS100 UPS-I surpassed that expectation and supplied 1050kVA to guard the load in the event of a shutdown.


Kaneka approved the ABB PCS100 UPS-I after assessing the transition times. This system is also integrated with a static switch, which will make it possible to control the power flow quickly in the event of a power outage. The company also carried out additional assessments and observed that other competing products do not provide this level of protection. System efficiency was the ultimate deciding factor, owing to low heat loss from the PCS100 UPS-I the company was able reduce the costs incurred on air-conditioning. In addition to having an efficiency rate of 99%, the PCS100 UPS-I also features a small footprint design, making it suitable for space-constrained environments.


A hybrid solution, ABB’s PCS100 RPC technology offers dynamic reactive power conditioning and at the same time allows filtering of low order harmonics, which are all based on the PCS100 inverter technology. In comparison to other competing systems, the PCS100 RPC provides several advantages such as active filtering of harmonic currents, fast dynamic power factor, and imbalance correction. In addition, it has a modular platform making it highly safe and reliable. The system will not trip in case one of the power modules malfunctions and will continue to work at reduced capacity.


Given that the granularity is very small, Kaneka can achieve complete redundancy at a fraction of a cost. At such reduced cost, this level of reliability is matchless in the industry. With the combination of PCS100 RPC and PCS100 UPS-I solutions along with ABB’s worldwide presence, Kaneka can effectively and reliably use the unique power protection package.

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