ABB Now Offering Medium Voltage Uninterruptible Power Supplies (MV UPSs)

A wide variety of medium-voltage(MV) uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) are being offered by ABB with up to 6MVA ratings. There are a number of practical benefits of implementing a UPS at the MV level and it is an approach adopted by customers in large data centers and in industries with critical or sensitive loads. ABB features the PCS100 MV UPS range, which is a suitable addition to its existing low-voltage(LV) UPS and power conditioning products.

Importance of Good-Quality Power

Present-day society depends on the availability of a large amount of data. Safe storage of large amounts of data are needed by almost all organizations. Also a varied range of electrical devices are being extensively used in homes and industries. Added to this is the large number of renewable generators, which have caused problems with regards to power quality such as sags, swells, noise and harmonics posing as a risk to power users.

The Challenge

The UPS and power conditioner business has rapidly grown in recent years, thanks to the dependence on constant supply of high-quality power. These devices are normally installed at the LV level but this may be tough if a limited amount of space is available. Also in cases where a large number of devices need to be protected, the numerous UPSs required pose challenges in terms of supervision, management, availability and maintenance.

The Solution

The solution lies in installing the UPS at the MV level. While installing at MV level, the UPS can be installed in less-crowded areas away from target devices such as in plant substations or electrical rooms enabling more important infrastructure such as manufacturing tools or servers to be installed.

The PCS100 MV UPS range has been mainly targeted at this particular market sector and developed specifically for offering consistent, clean and efficient power economically to customers in large data centers and industry.

The installation of the PCS100MV UPS can protect the whole power supply or specific sensitive loads. In a data center this can include mechanical loads. Highly energy efficient configuration is provided by installing UPS protection at the MV level as lower losses result by lower currents at this voltage.

The first rating release is up to 6MVA and 6.6kV with larger 15kV class products to be launched (including 11kV and 13.2kV options), rated at even higher MVA.

PCS100 MV UPS Technology

In order to achieve efficiencies higher than 99.5%, the single-conversion topology is a good choice for MV as losses are minimal. A system design is also enabled wherein the energy storage and the power converter can be at LV with a transformer coupling this to MV. A thyristor-based utility disconnect switch is provided at the MV level that does not allow back feed into the grid when there is a voltage sag or a power loss.

Low Cost

The key cost criterion for the customer is normally the total ownership cost though up-front cost is important in equipment selection. The high efficiency of the PCS100 MV UPS, its compact size and low maintenance cost and small system footprint reduce ownership costs.

System costs are reduced and maintenance is simplified as the converter and energy storage is at the LV level. There are a number of retrofit possibilities with the PCS100 MV UPS that enable custom designs suiting applications in plants presently unprotected or where conventional rotary UPS solutions need replacement.

Storage Options

There is a wide range of energy storage options offered as energy storage is at LV levels. The common options are lithium-ion batteries, ultracapacitors and high-discharge sealed lead-acid batteries.

It is anticipated that ultracapacitors will be extensively used in industrial applications because of their compact size and their long life. Lithium-ion batteries like those used in electric cars offer a small footprint and long life when compared to very low cost lead-acid solutions for longer-autonomy solutions. Lithium-ion batteries have very good cycle life characteristics and allow opportunities for smart grid support features, like load shedding, to be added.

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ABB is a leading supplier of UPS and power conditioning products – ABB's PCS100 portfolio is a unique line up of low and medium voltage power conversion technology. The PCS100 power converters demonstrate highly reliable and cost-effective performance. With the PCS100 product portfolio, ABB offer efficient power conversion solutions that are specifically designed to solve power quality problems and stabilize networks. Covering applications from data centers through to complete industrial plant protection, microgrid systems and shore-to-ship supply, ABB have the power conversion technology for every need. Starting from a few kVA to many MVA and a wide range of supply voltages. ABB has installed approximately 1GW of power conditioning solutions worldwide. It’s business as usual with ABB Power Protection.

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