Phase Two of the Power Protection Solutions ABB Provide Samsung at their (LCD) Production Facility in Suzhou, China

Samsung has a $3 billion liquid crystal display (LCD) production facility in Suzhou, China and ABB a power protection solution for Phase Two of this facility.

As part of Phase Two, five PCS100 industrial UPSs at a total of 10500 kVA will be implemented to protect from crippling power disturbances, preventing the loss of materials and resources. Eight PCS100 UPSs were provided as part of Phase One and after completion of Phase Two the total installed will amount to 27,000kVA.

Samsung’s production facility

Figure 1. Samsung’s production facility

The New Facility

Samsung is the first South Korean Company to make such a huge single investment in China, with the new $3 billion LCD production facility in Suzhou.

This advanced facility is secured from voltage sags, a key power quality issue and is one of the numerous facilities equipped with ABB’s systems in Asia.

The production capacity of this 7.5 generation fabrication line sited at the large manufacturing complex of Samsung at Suzhou Industrial Park in Jiangsu province is 100,000 glass substrates every month. The company will produce 48-inch and 55-inch full HD and 4K ultra HD LCD panels using the glass substrates which measure 2200 mm x 2500 mm.

China is the largest market for LCD televisions, the already existing LCD module plant at Suzhou and the new LCD line will enable Samsung to create an integrated LCD production base for China.

ABB’s PCS100 Industrial UPS that has been installed for phase one in Samsung’s Suzhou facility to protect against voltage sags

Figure 2. ABB’s PCS100 Industrial UPS that has been installed for phase one in Samsung’s Suzhou facility to protect against voltage sags

Providing Protection

To ensure Samsung's new multi-billion dollar facility is not affected by power disruptions, voltage sags and any other electrical disruptions, Samsung selected ABB to install a power protection solution for pahse one, and now pahse two.

ABB's PCS100 UPS-I was selected for it's compact size and could be placed in the equipment room. Since the specifications of Phase one and Phase two electrical rooms were the same, it made the whole process seamless.

Another exclusive feature of the PCS100 UPS-I is that its comprises an ultra-capacitor energy storage system and a back-up inverter system for permitting the downstream load to be operational at the time of short power outages and deep voltage sags. It is also a single-conversion UPS.

According to Andrew Hiscock, the power conditioning sales manager from ABB, the solution was accepted because of its performance and consistency. He added that the products offered by ABB have high reliability and product performance, meeting the standards expected by ABB and it was important for them to maintain their design quality. He also added that ABB is the only company with 3000 kVA UPS system in the Samsung facility.

ABBs UPS systems

Figure 3. ABBs UPS systems

Key Advantages

The key differentiating features of the PCS100 UPS-I solution for semiconductor applications are:

  • Short payback time, mostly below a year
  • High-speed transfer time of below 2ms
  • Highly compact -50% smaller than competitors
  • Long-life and economic
  • Features 15 year life when compared to three to five years of UPS batteries
  • Excellent customer support
  • Large low voltage power capacity of 16.5 MVA (most other solutions require medium voltage systems for this capacity)

ABBs UPS systems installed in Samsung facility

Figure 4. ABBs UPS systems installed in Samsung facility

ABB Offers Protection to Other Samsung Facilities

ABB’s power protection facilities have been used by other Samsung facilities such as the Xi’an facility in China. For its $7 billion NAND flash plant, the facility selected 22 PCS100 UPS-I units. The facility’s monthly output is 100,000 nanometer chips and has been completely operational since the end of 2013.

Solid-state drives, USB flash drives, memory cards and similar products for data storage and transfer use NAND chips. Flat panel LCD manufacturing and high-tech semiconductor facilities worldwide have been supplied with more than more than 1256 systems (AVC, UPS-I and RPC), which is a total of 978.8MVA of PCS100 power protection solutions from ABB.

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