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Nano Engineering

Achieve the Goals

In order to achieve the goals of high performance nanopositioning systems - high resolution, high accuracy, high dynamic performance, and user-friendly software - Aerotech applied its significant expertise acquired since 1970 in the fields of magnetics, mechanics, computing, electronics, electromechanical systems engineering, and digital control systems to develop products that would meet both the current and future needs of the nanotechnology industries.

Aerotech's unique direct-drive, long-travel nanopositioners are developed for applications that require nanometer and sub-arc-second accuracies, whilst retaining travels up to 160 millimeters. They are also suitable for both industrial and laboratory applications. The QNP series piezo nanopositioners from Aerotech feature sub-nanometer positioning resolution and in-position stability with high positioning bandwidth for travels up to 600 µm.

Walk the Line

Aerotech’s direct-drive nanopositioning stage line comprises of single- and dual-axis linear nanopositioners with ±250 nm accuracy, 1 nm resolution, and travels from 25 mm to 160 mm. Rotary nanopositioners offer 360° continuous rotation, 0.005 arc-second in-position stability, and 0.01 arc-second resolution. Aerotech’s nanopositioning goniometers offer 0.05 arc-second resolution, a 20° rotation angle, and 150° per second speed. Vertical lift and "Z" axis nanopositioning stages with up to 1 nm resolution, <1 nm in-position stability, and up to 60 mm of travel have also been developed by Aerotech.

Aerotech provides X, XY, and Z axis piezo nanopositioners in open-loop or closed-loop versions, which are ideally suited for applications ranging from optics alignment to microscopy. QNP piezo stages are guided by precision flexures that were optimized using finite element analysis to guarantee high-stiffness and long life. They use closed-loop feedback with an exclusive capacitive sensor design that yields positioning resolution to 0.15 nm, repeatability to 1 nm, and linearity to 0.007%. Open-loop travels range from 100 µm to 600 µm, and closed loop travels range from 100 µm to 500 µm.

Driven to Succeed

Sophisticated technology pioneered by Aerotech is used by Aerotech nanopositioning stages to attain the highest level of positioning performance. Packaged in an extremely small-profile and footprint, this unique technology provides tangible benefits in various applications including disk-drive fabrication, high-precision positioning, optical delay element actuation, fiber alignment, microscopy, sensor testing, and scanning processes that demand smooth and precise motion. Aerotech also offers vacuum-prepared versions of its stages. Complete packages including control/drive, stage, and sophisticated software designed for both ease of use and maximum efficiency and functionality are also offered. Regardless of the type of nanopositioning application, Aerotech has the skill, knowledge, products, and support to make it a success.

Key Industry Expertise

  • Fiber Alignment
  • Disk-Drive Fabrication
  • Sensor Testing
  • MEMS
  • Optical Delay Element Actuation
  • Scanning
  • Government, Academic, Industry Labs
  • Research and Development

Aerotech, Inc.

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