Clean Tents to Provide Disaster Recovery

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The Brief
The Solution

The Brief

Over its 21 years in business, Clean Environments has come to the aid of companies and establishments who have suffered reliability or contamination problems in their current cleanrooms.

Shutting down a production cleanroom can cost several thousands of pounds per day in product loss, and so a quick solution is paramount. However, it is not just the loss in production that can cost, but the systems and equipment within the cleanroom can also be extremely sensitive and need protection when the cleanroom is not in use.

Royal Holloway College suffered an explosion in one of their geology cleanroom suites causing structural damage to the whole building and rendering the entire site unusable for over a year.

Clean Environments was able to deliver two Clean Tents to house their sensitive equipment and allow their research program to continue whilst the construction work was underway.

Luckily these events are rare, but Royal Holloway is not the only establishment to have required a quick solution to an unanticipated incident. Clean Environments has aided many companies with swift reactions to situations and is currently helping forward-thinking companies to plan disaster recovery strategies, should the need arise.

VWR basan is one such proactive company. VWR run two cleanroom suites in the UK to deliver their CleanPack® service, providing irradiation services and custom packaging.

After suffering a down period with one of their cleanrooms in 2016, VWR partnered with Clean Environments to provide a strategic solution should the need ever arise again.

The Solution

VWR basan is dedicated to providing the best manufacturing services and understand that maintaining supply chain security for their customers is crucial.

They have currently bought an ISO 5 inflatable Clean Tent® to provide an alternative CleanPack® cleanroom, should disaster befall their production facility. Their CT 750 is on site and ready to install by their fully trained workforce.

The Clean Tent is a cleanroom stripped down to its most essential parts, making it commercially unique as the world’s most portable cleanroom. It can be stored in a warehouse occupying just one pallet space, yet the CT 750 has a footprint of 4.25 m x 2.5 m when set up.

All of VWR’s cleanroom colleagues have been trained in erecting the Clean Tent and practice this year after year.

The Clean Tent can be erected in one hour and be ready for a particle count within half a day.

The Clean Tents features are listed below:

  • An integral airlock/gowning room
  • Clear walls to the main body of the workroom, maximizing the available ambient light
  • A ground sheet which seals to the top section forming a fully sealed envelope preventing any particulate ingress
  • A G4 pre-filter, H14 HEPA filtration, and air box


The VWR production team need to know they have a fast solution should their cleanroom ever be compromised. This is exactly what the Clean Tent is designed for. The VWR team have completed the Clean Tent training and they now have an ISO 5 facility on the shelf of their warehouse, ready and waiting.”

Toni Horsfield, Head of Clean Environment division, Moorfield Nanotechnology


For more information on VWRs services visit their website at and follow the links to Home > Products > Controlled Environment - basan > basan Services > Custom packaging and irradiation service

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