Clean Tent Used to Prepare Moon Sculpture

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The Brief
The Solution
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The Brief

Shaun Whitehead of Scoutek Ltd. sought the assistance of Clean Environments in the summer of 2014 to provide a cleanroom for a project that quickly got the entire office talking.

Shaun was the technical lead on a project called ‘Vitae’ with a French artist called Anilore Banon, renowned for her ‘Les Braves’ sculpture installed on Omaha beach, Normandy, that aimed to place the world's first living sculpture on the moon.

The Vitae Project Sculpture (Image credit: Clean Environments)

There are stringent guidelines on how products that are going into space are produced and handled and so it was important that the sculpture was produced in a clean environment.

The project team had to build an interim sculpture which would be a technical test of the materials in atmospheric conditions akin to those on the moon.

There was a scheduled launch date to transport the interim sculpture to the International Space Station in late 2015. If the materials perform as anticipated in that atmosphere, then the final sculpture would be built and displayed to the world before its final placement on the moon.

The cleanroom would thus need to be portable to enable Aniolre to display the Vitae sculpture at galleries worldwide.

The Solution

Clean Environments supplied a CT 750, which was shipped to Anilores studio in Paris in December 2014. Clean Tent is a cleanroom stripped down to its vital parts making it commercially unique as the world’s most portable cleanroom.

The CT 750 packs into two travel-sized bags and so it can easily fit into a family car, and requires only two people for quick installation.

The central work cabin of the Clean Tent is totally transparent, a design feature which decreases the need for lighting as the user benefits from any ambient light. Anilore Banon and her team benefitted from this feature as it allowed them to display the Vitae sculpture without over-stepping protocol. The Clean Tent accredits at ISO level 5 as built, surpassing the required ISO level 6 for this project.

In Operation

The Vitae project was launched concurrently at the Cite de Science in Paris and the Nice Observatory in March 2015, and was on time for its scheduled siting of the final sculpture in late 2017.

The project suffered a huge setback to this project in 2015. The model was ready and permitted for flight on SpaceX CRS-8 from Kennedy Space Center in September 2015, but disaster struck the earlier unmanned SpaceX mission and it exploded:

Following essential safety investigations, the ‘Vitae’ model was finally deployed by French astronaut Thomas Pesquet in early 2017 and the materials passed all tests at atmosphere. Shaun Whitehead reported, “we’ve done ‘edge of space’ and Low Earth Orbit - next step - the moon!”


People kept saying to us; you can't create a moon project because you don't have a clean room. So we wanted a clean room that would be portable, inexpensive and effective, and that suited Anilore's organic style. This is why we like the clean tent from Moorfield.

Shaun Whitehead, Scoutek Ltd


To see details of Anilore Banon's work visit her website

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Clean Environments.

For more information on this source, please visit Clean Environments.

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