Car’s Rocket Engine Rebuilt in Clean Tent

The Bloodhound Rocket (Image Credit: Stefan Marjoram / Clean Environments)

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The Brief
The Solution
On Site
In Operation

The Brief

The Bloodhound SSC rocket team sought the assistance of Clean Environments in providing a temporary cleanroom to protect the hybrid rocket pump system of their car from external contaminants while it was taken apart and deep cleaned, ready for testing in Norway.

The Solution

The objectives of the Bloodhound project were ambitious and exciting, and the educational aspect also appealed to Clean Environments’ own aspirations. Therefore, the company agreed to sponsor the project, which intended to:

  • Set a new world land speed record of 1,000 mph
  • Inspire the next generation in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics
  • Share an iconic research and development program with a worldwide audience

Since speed and portability were the critical factors, Clean Environments lent a CT 1700 to the Bloodhound team. The Clean Tent is a cleanroom that can be stripped down to its basic parts, making it unique in the market as the world’s most portable cleanroom in the world. The CT 1700 variant is the largest of the three Clean Tent models with dimensions of 6.1 m x 3.65 m.

All Clean Tents feature:

  • A G4 pre-filter, air box, and H14 HEPA filtration
  • An integral air lock/ gowning room
  • Clear walls to the main body of the workroom maximizing the available ambient light
  • A ground sheet which seals to the top section forming a fully sealed envelope that prevents any particulate ingress

On Site

The CT 1700 cleanroom packs into four small bags , allowing it to be easily packed into a family estate car, and recquires just two people for the rapid installation.

The Bloodhound SSC rocket team works from a section of the Bloodhound Technical Centre, a large portal framed industrial unit in Bristol. Like a number of industrial units, the Bloodhound Technical Centre has many external doors and an unsealed concrete floor. Since the rocket team are right next to the engineering team, swarf and other airborne particulates are in close proximity.

Since the Clean Tent is a fully sealed envelope, this area was suitable for installation of the Clean Tent by Clean Environments. After a wipe down, the area was certified to ISO 14644-1 ISO class 6 within a day. The cleanroom effectively cleared all of the customer’s needs in subsequent operation testing.

In Operation

Clean Environments has closely followed the progress of the engine system advancements. The test fire of the Rocket at Aerohub, located in Cornwall Airport Newquay, revealed that the new auxiliary power unit – A 550 bhp Jaguar supercharged V8 engine – has proved to be the perfect oxidizer pump owing to its reliability and simplicity. The unit can supply 800 L of high test peroxide (HTP) to the rocket within 20 seconds.

Once the Clean Tent deep clean was complete, tests on the Falcon Hybrid Rocket Motor were finished at the Nammo Test Centre in Norway by the rocket team. The test results primarily proved the concept of using an internal combustion engine to pump oxidizer into the car rocket, but they proved to be more significant than anticipated as the test results lead to a design alteration.

For the 800 mph runs, the car will presently feature a single monopropellant rocket, while a cluster of three hybrid rockets will be used in the 1,000-mph car. These will be positioned at the rear of the car, below the Eurojet EJ200 jet engine.

In October 2017, the 200 mph testing of the car was positively completed using the Eurojet EJ200 jet engine in Cornwall.

The team is on schedule to surpass the 1,000 mph barrier and set a new world land speed record at Hakskeen Pan, South Africa, in late 2018.


We are proud to be playing a role in this exciting project. Even the slightest contamination can adversely affect the performance and safety of the rocket-powered engine. The Bloodhound SSC rocket team needed a fast solution to their temporary cleanroom requirement which is exactly what the Clean Tent is designed for. We were able to deliver, install and certify the space to ISO 6 within a day

Toni Horsfield, Moorfield Nanotechnology


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