2D Material Standards - Why We Need Them

As the industries for graphene and hexagonal boron nitride continue to grow and mature, they have reached the stage where it is vital that appropriate standards are agreed upon. This is demonstrated through several companies marketing their products as graphene, when the reality is that they are closer to graphite.

It is therefore now clear that there is a need to protect both corporate consumers and legitimate manufacturers of high-quality graphene and hexagonal boron nitride. Until now, there have been no universal definitions about what these products are, and how they perform meaning companies wishing to purchase graphene products for their own applications cannot be certain of the exact properties of the purchased graphene products.

This has caused setbacks in the marketing of new products, because it has been unclear exactly what the properties are of graphene products used in their manufacture. It is now of the utmost importance for graphene standards to be set.

Working Toward Standardization

In 2017 the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) published the initial ISO standard relative to graphene, and the first efforts toward establishing industry standards were made. Produced in consultation with experts from 37 countries, this primary standard was developed to include a comprehensive definition of nearly 100 terms related to the material properties, production, characterization, and the diverse kinds of 2D materials involved in the emerging graphene industry.

Both graphene producers and end-users have been concerned for years that inconsistent terminology has meant slower progress in the commercialization of these materials, and has made it difficult to determine the difference between graphene and graphite products.

Dr Andrew Pollard of the NPL, Stating about the Achievement of the First ISO Standard

With the terminology properly defined, at least of these issues can now be resolved, and next steps can now be taken.

Grolltex is working with the U.S. government, along with several industry groups, to help develop additional industry standards. This collaboration also hopes to increase the level of governmental support, which is crucial to industry success. In March of 2018, the National Graphene Association, along with a group of industry stakeholders met with Congress to discuss the current efforts in commercializing graphene, and how support from government could provide further benefits.

Grolltex CEO Jeffrey Draa was one of the featured panelists on those discussions, where he gave a description of the company's product range, as well as participating in talks about the difference between graphene powder and film segments of the industry. These discussions, and those planned for the future, will make it clear to the government how they can assist in the continuing growth and evolution of the industry.

Future Developments

All manufacturers in the graphene industry are in agreement that the ongoing efforts to cement reliable standards and references, will serve to protect stakeholders, and to ensure high-quality production across all areas of manufacture.

This positive trend in the right direction is particularly pleasing to Grolltex, with its upcoming launch of an exciting new complementary product which, like graphene is sure to find a number of very useful applications.

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