How Rain Repellent Coatings are Beneficial

Nasiol rain repellents: nano hyrdophobic coatings

Nasiol rain repellents: nano hyrdophobic coatings

Sometimes a small adjustment can make a huge difference to how well your car performs – especially when it’s wet. When it rains, it is harder to drive a car, because the windscreen wipers distort the driver's vision. Whether it be a light shower or a downpour, a windscreen becomes a hazard. Obviously, windscreen wipers should be used, but these aren’t always effective.

Utilizing better rubber on a car's tires makes it safer to drive, but it is not better rubber which is needed on windscreen wipers, it is a much simpler solution. The main problem is that the rainwater sticks to the glass. As is does this it collects grit and dirt which turns wipers into windscreen grinders.

The answer to this grimy problem has been known to nature for millions of years. For example, a red-leafed Poinsettia – water beads up and rolls off the leaves, and they do not stay wet. Nasiol produces a coating that makes your windscreen – in fact, all glass – repel water as effectively.

The coating is so tough that one simple application lasts up to two years. When driving at 30-40 mph it is good enough to push beads of rainwater away without even turning the wipers on. Some people will avoid driving in such conditions, whereas other people have no choice but to drive. The main benefit of utilizing rain repellent is that it means drivers are less reliant on luck to keep moving safely on the road.

Permits Safer Driving

Rain repellents create a protective shield over a windshields glass, which allows the rain to run naturally away instead of being removed scratchily by the wipers. This results in fewer scratches and streaks, longer lasting wipers, and better visibility when traveling through difficult weather. Crystal clear, scratch free glass will also help a vehicle sell.

Nasiol rain repellents: nano hyrdophobic coatings

Nasiol rain repellents: nano hyrdophobic coatings

Promotes Easier Cleaning

Windscreen wipers spend a lot of time each year whipping back and forth across a cars front and rear windscreens. They leave marks behind and tiny particles of grit stick in the rubber of the wiper blades, which scratch into a windscreen, making oncoming lights glare. Treating a windscreen with rain repellent could make car windows easier to clean, and perhaps even make them self-cleaning.

Rain is being beaded away from a windscreen by using this microscopic coating which is designed to improve visibility. Hydrophobic coatings repel water – but dirt does not. Dirt sticks to the water droplets and so is absorbed as they roll along, cleaning the glass surface effortlessly.

Scratch Resistant

The best rain repellents on the market offer other benefits along with water protection. For example, they can be dirt or scratch resistant. Protecting a windscreen with rain repellent and for up to two years a car is safer, better looking, and more valuable as a result.

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