The Main Benefits and Applications of Nanotechnology

Nasiol nano scaled surface applications chart

Nasiol nano scaled surface applications chart

Nanotechnology brings a wealth of benefits. From the clothing to medicine, nanotechnology has the capability to change the world we live in. Nanotechnology covers the utilization of structures between 1 nanometer (nm) and 100 nanometers. Around 80,000 nanometers fit into the width of a single strand of human hair, and a table around a meter high is equal to around 1 billion nanometer particles on top of one another.

Practical Applications of Nanotechnology

The practical applications of nanotechnology can be discovered in various industries. Imagine the possibilities of biodegradable and biocompatible silicon nanoparticles delivering drugs into diseased cells directly. They treat disease and afterward dissolve away into the human body harmlessly. Nanoscale treatment can be the targeted and effective future of medicine.

Lessons can be learned from nature, energy is captured in nanocrystals on the same scale that plants capture it in their chloroplasts. Nanotechnology can also be employed for energy storage and developing storage solutions which are more effective. Solar storage is one of the great modern-day challenges, but nanotechnology can be effectively harnessed to address those challenges.

Nasiol home protection: nano coatings for house

Nasiol home protection: nano coatings for house

Nanotechnology in the Production Industry

Nanotechnology is also revolutionizing the production industry. Production quality can be increased and contamination can be reduced by operating at the nanoscale. Each detail of production can be enhanced by employing nanotechnology in various ways. Packaging, last product protection, product delivery – the possibilities are endless.

There are practical applications for nanotechnology for every industry. Some of these are still being developed, some are already being utilized. Research moves fast in nanotechnology and nowhere is this more evident than in the use of nanocoating methods.

Using coatings to protect products nothing new. However, these coatings had a certain lifespan, needing maintenance or outright replacement when they were worn out. That was until the discovery of nanotechnology. Now nanocoatings have been proven as the optimal coating method for a number of industries. They behave more like a second skin than a coating.

Whilst traditional coatings can hinder the initial product, nanocoatings don’t change the breathability, color, texture, or other surface characteristics of the product. They are also extremely durable.

Other Applications

Nanocoatings are a good example of how nanotechnology can be utilized across industries. They can be applied to painted and mineral surfaces, ceramics, plastic, metal, glass, wood, and textiles, providing incredible protective potential. They are self-cleaning, resistant to corrosion and scratches, plus water repellent and protective against UV rays.

Nanotechnology is changing the way we see the world, and the potential that creates is truly amazing.

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