Benefits of Nanocoatings for Marine Transport and Vessels

Nasiol marine coatings: Protection against salty-water and Sun

The first boats were first carved with rough axes, burnt out logs or simply collections of objects that float tied together using twine. If a boat managed to weather the storm it was duplicated, if it sank it was disregarded. A boat shape was honed over generations by the sea, swallowing its failures and carrying its successes high on the crest of a wave.

Steadily, through countless versions, trials and tragedies, the roughly hewn vessels of antiquity have become sailing ships which are finely crafted. Their combination of form and function as natural and seemingly effortless as that of the marine life that follow them through the oceans.

Preserve & Protect

Learning how to stay afloat is only a part of it. Water shapes objects as it flows. Iron, glass, and wood discovered on the beach take on waters flowing shapes, becoming finer with each tide, and merging with the sand. Over time nothing can withstand the seas transformative power.

Once again, we must learn how to work with nature, and create materials and methods that preserve and protect boats, keeping the water out. As Nasiol continue to progress and refine their knowledge, work at smaller and smaller scales is permitted. Technology can now be utilized at the molecular level.

Water-based hydrophobic nano-coatings can be simply sprayed over wood, glass, chromage, and fine fabrics, to protect and seal against water ingress, salt staining, anti-fouling, ultraviolet light, algae, and molds. No longer sacrificing quality or comfort for utility and resilience.

Nasiol surface finishes, pick up and carry salt and dust staining along with it, as it beads into balls and scoots across the repelling yacht nano-protective finishes. Choosing only the toughest fibers and surface finishes is no longer necessary.

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