Why Nano-Coatings Replaced Wax Coatings—A Guide


People have always known the uses of nano-coatings for painting but not many people have realized the incredibly durability of nano-sealants on substrates like pure metallic alloys, plastics, textiles, woods, thermosets, stones etc

Could “Retailization” be Applied?

Finished products are immediately used for the services of end-user customers with the easiest usage methods and renovations in the field. Manufacturers are keen to find out where nanocoatings are utilized most. Market research is continually ongoing to realize future potential. Finally, industries are categorized by dividing them into the following sectors; cars, marines, personal equipment and home interiors in the field.


Smart Surface Technologies

Although the retail usage types such as, packages, bottles, triggers, pads, clothes, and so on are being used, they are not sufficient for covering the whole market. Therefore, the requirements for extra bulk treatments emerged exponentially, but this time not for the end-users. With the unlimited number of novel solutions, the smart surface technologies have advanced into many areas of distribution.

High-Tech Waterproof Coatings

Innovations are first developed by understanding the needs of the public and gaps in the market. Roof tiles were a big problem in ancient history. People faced a lot of issues leaks during bad weather and damage during storms. Therefore, high-tech waterproof coatings for stone and mineral bodies were originated. This was then extended to wood, coatings gave better protection and protected from water damage 90% better than teak oil or any other traditional wood finishes. This aided in the prevention of fungus or stain formation.

The Sky is The Limit

Compared to other waxes or surface protection solutions, nanotechnology has attracted a great deal of attention. Technology has progressively improved in the metallic alloys against salt/rust-corrosion, containers, metallic-painted bodies of factory equipment, and against the harsh impacts of everyday graffiti damages caused on trains, suburbs, walls, public areas, waterproof textiles, superhydrophobic laboratory equipment (SHBC), etc.

Anti-bacterial Products

Self-healing results in the recovery of bodies by applying reformatory and flexibility, and unlimited durability with exceptional longevity. Anti-bacterial products are presenting new opportunities to people, for example, by creating an environment that is much more hygienic.

Once individuals coat the area with anti-bacterial products, the pathogenic environment will no longer threaten human health. Anti-bacterial products can also be easily adapted in areas which are used daily such as, hospitals, public areas like shopping malls, and transportation, etc.

Solar energy is currently a very popular renewable energy source. Similarly, nanotechnology is being applied to boost the efficiency of solar panel batteries. This is done by lowering the formations of dirt and dust.



Throughout history, a number of manufacturers have invested in an analogous variety of nano-science; however, one or two of these producers are inclined to choose them up under one roof. The technological enhancements are not only seen on the whole planet but also in the complementary additions of Nasiol simultaneously.

To summarize, nanotechnology provides a lot more benefits than traditional waxes. Nanotechnology offers better opportunities for both present and future generations. It is recommended to continuously follow these developments, both from a practical and academic standpoint.

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