A Guide to Nano-Coatings and Their Applications

With the evolution of nanotechnology applications over time, the reduction in the human impact on the environment can be achieved. While considering the growth rate of the population on earth leading to an associated increase in consumption of energy sources and pollution, nano-materials are regarded to be vital to the future.

Wide Scope of Use

It is possible to treat surfaces for textiles in a number of ways:

  • Nano-particles containing chemical finishes on clothes facilitate various properties for textile products.
  • Liquid repellent and porous structure of Nasiol nano-coatings with high surface-to-volume ratio enable light-weight, breathable, and anti-bacterial reinforcements particularly essential for military applications.
  • In addition, it is essential to keep clothes clean and tidy. Nano-coatings reduce or eliminate the time required for cleaning clothes by washing, drying, and also ironing.
  • Another advantage for nano-coating finishes is that it enables the conditions of clothes to be retained as such by preventing discoloration, shrinkage, or wearing after a number of laundering operations.

With the production of technologically advanced and expensive products, the demand for innovative solutions also increases. Nano-coatings offer enhanced protection for state-of-the-art touch screen displays and eye-glasses by improving resilience against external influences.

What About Other Applications?

Nano-coatings on the airplanes and aerospace vehicles can lessen potential problems regarding the weather changes in the different levels of atmosphere. Nasiol nano-coatings provides a special guard for the icing on airplanes and aerospace vehicles in flights and protects outer layer against small scratches with transparent coat.

Nano-Scaled Coatings Have a Broad Application Area on Vehicles

For passionate drivers who are addicted to their vehicles, driving a car along on a curved mountain road or perhaps a risky off-road experience is the definition of pleasure. Dust, rain, or other environmental pollution factors may obstruct the ability to view wonderful sceneries. Nanotechnology aids in eliminating or, in worst cases, delaying these unforeseen situations easily.

A windshield coated with a hydrophobic coating enhances visual perception of the driver or enables the contaminants to be cleaned easily from the vehicle surface.

By contrast, a hydrophilic coating on the side mirrors or the interior side of vehicle windows can inhibit icing and fog, thereby assuring driving safety on the road by eliminating the need for wiping the surface off to get a clear view.

Listed below are the surface gains following such treatments:

  • Protection of interior parts from UV degradation, soiling agents, and wear/abrasion
  • Shielding body parts from external impacts such as on-the-road chipping, scratches, and pressurized washing machine damages
  • Decrease in adhesion of bird droppings, dead bugs, and dirt accumulation
  • Water repellency
  • Resistance to corrosion and chemicals

Cope With Marine Works?

Since the initial days of sail, mariners have been fighting fouling: The growth of seaweeds, barnacles, tube worms, and other organisms in saltwater may lead to structural or cosmetic wear and tear by developing roughness, thus increasing turbulent flow and drag, on marine hull operating under sea level. Another issue to be tackled is the corrosion of metal in saltwater.

Nasiol nanocoatings protect from the effects of saltwater and its species with regards to anti-fouling and corrosion resistance, guaranteeing the long operating life of a vessel without the need for restorations."

Are You a Homesick?

For people who care for their home environment and enjoy spending time on their own, Nasiol home care products will be 100%.

Sometimes, cleaning the home can be terrifying. Managing detergent soils, residual limes, oils in kitchen, and bathroom spaces can be time-consuming.

Nano-coatings developed for surfaces such as glass, ceramic, plastic, or even steel that is often in contact with water, food, and cleaning agents prevent sticking of various substances to these surfaces that can be easily wiped/rubbed off without needing further cleaning treatments.

A Chance to Stand Like a Stone!

Regardless of whether it is public or private buildings, it is essential to maintain aesthetic and functional aspects. Stains, dust, soil, and rain can result in malfunctioning of these mineral surfaces as time goes by.

Nano-coatings for such porous surfaces offer easy-clean or repellent properties against graffiti paints, chemicals, oils, and so on and display excellent coating uniformity on unevenly shaped structures while mitigating the damage of trapped liquids on possible cracks and cavities.

Raining is No More a Problem

Weathering conditions such as rain and direct exposure of sunlight as well as biological degeneration by algae, fungi, insects, and mildew on natural wood surfaces, for example, outdoor furniture, sidings, decks, and fences, can affect the durability and cause cavity, discoloration, and loss of shine because of deterioration of the structure.

Nasiol home coatings turn into cross-linked structures to create a covalent bond with natural wood surface, assuring the durability of wood while appearance remains natural and unaffected by external or internal factors, while also avoiding the need for using toxic chemicals for the protection of the surface

Super Reasons to Start Using Nano-Ceramic Coatings

  1. Resistance to Temperature Changes

Nano-ceramic coating is a protective-coat against variation in temperature and unpleasant climate. Nano-coating is used on aircraft, vehicles, glass windows, ceramic tiles, and so on and is resistant to oxidization caused by ultraviolet damage. This unquestionably improves durability and long-lasting allure of vehicles.

  1. Invisible to Human Eyes and Waterproof

The resistant nature of nano-ceramic coatings makes it ideal for vehicles experiencing temperature variations. The trick of nano-ceramic coating is that it protects the matrix of the car surface from microscopic particles such as frost and rain.

The hydrophobic capabilities and rust-proof nature of ceramic coating are some of the main reasons for its acceptance. It is an ideal aesthetic booster for every vehicle.

  1. Corrosion and Abrasion Resistant

Corrosion is one of the greatest issues in the transport industry. Product lifespan is decreased due to damage from UV light and abrasion. The advancement of nano-ceramic coatings increases metal durability in the automotive and aerospace.

  1. Ease of Cleaning and Prevention of Acidic Contamination

Nano-ceramic coatings help users save time, money, and effort for cleaning vehicles. The hydrophobic nature of ceramic coating enables it to be water repellent and protects from etching, staining, and adherence of contaminants. An alcohol-based and non-stick shield of the final coating alleviates growth of microorganism and bacteria.

  1. Enhance the Reflective Properties of Vehicles

The ability to improve luster appearance is the best part of coating with nano-ceramics. A good nano-coating improves the reflective characteristics of the vehicle’s coat while increasing its lucidity and depth of paint.

Car Paint Protection

Nano-ceramic is believed to be the best car paint protection as it provides a strong and protective surface for aero and auto industries. The ceramic coating covers original car coating in a protective layer that endures various forms of damages.

The best, value-for-money, and proven leading brands of nano-ceramic coatings that users can consider include Nasiol ZR53 and Nasiol NL 272.

Nasiol NL272

Nasiol NL272 is a state-of-the-art nano-layer formulation for the protection of vehicle surfaces. It ensures unparalleled durability and long life of the surfaces. Attributive of world-class nano-ceramic coatings, NL272 is the super protection against chemicals, environmental conditions, stone-chips, scratches, and so on.

The ultra-high gloss finish of the paint coating guarantees the aesthetic appearance of the vehicles. The high hydrophobic nature of Nasiol NL272 makes it suitable for tail indicators, headlights, hard plastic trims, gloss protection, and car paint.

People who are looking for stature in auto protection with the best quality nano-ceramic coatings must look into the two ultimate paints mentioned above. They are developed to ensure long-term value nano-ceramic coating.

Nasiol ZR53

The Nasiol ZR53 nano paint protection system is ideally developed to resist the effects of sunburn, scratches, bird droppings, harsh washing styles, acidic rains, and severe weather.

Surfaces coated with Nasiol ZR 53 offer a cleaner, more lustrous, and an extensive hydrophobic surface that ensures easy cleaning while offering protection against water, dust, grime, and mud. In contrast to other coatings, Nasiol ZR53 is exclusively designed to provide a complex two-layer coating system that offers maximum resistance and superior elasticity.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Nasiol.

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