Vacuum Components in Alternative Energy Research

With significant investment in research centers and a myriad of ongoing investigations into effective and ecological energy generation, Allectra vacuum components perform a crucial role in the discovery of sustainable and socially responsible alternative forms of energy.

Allectra has assisted in the search for effective alternative energy sources with varying degrees of involvement and influence in numerous studies. Noteworthy examples are in nuclear fusion research and photovoltaics research.

Alternative Energy Sources

Nuclear fusion entails a process where cleaner sources of energy are created with low carbon-contents. The generation of unstable nuclei is a disadvantage of nuclear fission power plants, some of which remain radioactive for millions of years. In contrast, fusion does not produce any long term radioactive nuclear waste. A fusion reactor releases helium, known to be an inert gas.

Photovoltaics is where light is directly converted into electricity at the atomic level. The range of vacuum components from Allectra form an essential part of the equipment, enabling the vital coating procedure for photovoltaic cells.

The total power output is increased and the life of solar cells is extended through the use of a high quality coating. Allectra’s mission is to help its customers to expand the performance of their vacuum systems to advance the boundaries of technical possibility.

Vacuum Components in Alternative Energy Research

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Component Usage for Project Completion

Vacuum-based components from Allectra are not simply a passive element of the research process. Allectra’s precision equipment components are used across the duration of experimental research, from the initial stage to the conclusion.

Allectra components, essential for vacuum-processing, are relied upon for international research. A selection of products are supplied by Allectra with the specific requirements of research teams in mind.

Allectra’s team of expert technicians and physicists will always aim to exceed customer expectations, regardless of which segment of the alternative energy industry that the application resides in.

Pressure Burst Discs

As a safety mechanism, these discs are constructed to rupture and release trapped gases that grow to a hazardous level to avoid potential explosions and decrease the amount of pressure.

In-Vacuum Viewports

A view from the outside is provided by in-vacuum viewports to facilitate process monitoring.

Feedthroughs for investigating electrical properties

Commonly utilized to read and record electrical element properties and frequencies with great accuracy. 

Various Thermocouple Components and Connectors

Based on a cable comprising two different metallic conductors, a thermocouple is a kind of temperature sensor, which fuses together at one end to form a junction. This junction is then opened up to the sensing environment..

Future Applications for Alternative Energy Exploration

The demand for eco-friendly, cost-effective, alternative energy sources will exponentially increase as industries continue with the mass processing and production of finite energy sources.

Allectra is working constantly to adapt current materials and types of vacuum component technology to be prepared for the increasing growth in future demand.

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