Evident Technologies Introduces EviDot Composites - New Product

Evident Technologies announced today that it is the first company to make commercially available a composite of quantum dots (semiconductor nanocrystals) in common polymers and matrix materials.

EviDot Composites enable the use of quantum dots in solid matrix materials that bridge the critical gap from the nano- to macro-worlds. Solid matrix materials allow product developers to control the form factor of the quantum dots and enable films, beads, fibers and micron-sized particle to be readily created. The EviDot Composites are available in prepared films, optical mounts, a ultra-violet (UV) curable resin and as a custom order in common polymers such as polycarbonate, polystyrene, PMMA, and sol-gels.

Dr. Clinton T. Ballinger, CEO of Evident Technologies commented: "Quantum dots are a scientific curiosity unless they can be functionalized and brought to a scale where they can be applied. By making these composites available, we are accelerating our customer's applications in reference standards, photonics, LEDs, ink and paints."

Dr. Ted Sargent - Nortel Networks - Canada Research Chair in Emerging Technologies at the University of Toronto said, "There are dozens of applications for quantum dots, spanning many industries. Evident's commercial release of quantum dots composites could be used for next generation telecom LEDs through to high-speed signal processing applications in optically-routed networks."

Michael LoCascio, CTO of Evident Technologies offered: "Working with our customers on advanced product development has given us a deeper understanding of the key properties of these quantum dot composites. This product line is a direct result of the numerous research contracts from industry, demanding quantum dots in glass or polymer matrix materials. We believe that by offering this material as a stand-alone product, new applications will be invented and our collective scientific understanding will be increased."

Posted 12th February 2004


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