Nanomagnetics Double Current Nanoparticulate Storage Density - News Item

Nanomagnetics has achieved a new areal density record for nanoparticulate films. They pushed their previous record of 6 Gb/ achieved in June to 12Gb/ They also hope to reach the density of 25 Gb/ by the years end.

The density was reached using a commercial laptop-sized (65mm) glass substrate and benefited from advances in magnetic inks and film production techniques. No electronic channel or error corrections were used in this trial. Furthermore, the density would be even higher in an actual disk drive.

Nanomagnetics have also improved the uniformity of their coatings and demonstrated high-density recording over more than 60% of the disks’ surface.

Nanomagnetics believe that nanoparticulate thin films are the future for data storage and that they will lead to disks that will store 100 times as much as current hard disk drives. However, further rapid development is required if they are to be able to improve on current industry standards, a goal they hope to achieve by mid 2003.

Posted August 1st 2002

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