Dunkable™ – Hydrophobic Coating Technology for Waterproof Electronics

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About DunkableTM
Responding to Market Needs
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Hardware development in the electronics industry continues to evolve at astonishing rates with requirements for smaller, faster and cheaper products. At the same time, consumer demand for greater reliability increases as devices continue to integrate into everyday routine. As a result there is an identifiable change in the market requirement for liquid protection on smartphones and tablets. While traditional mediums such as gaskets and seals are applicable to niche waterproof products, they become less appealing due to size and cost implications when protection is required for sleek mainstream smartphones.

As such, P2i was able to identify a significant market gap for a technology which was able to provide invisible prolonged water protection without compromising the design of the device. Drawing on expertise and market experience gained in delivering the splash-proof hydrophobic coating, P2i set about working towards the commercialization of the innovative new Dunkable™ technology.

About DunkableTM

Dunkable™ is a ground-breaking hydrophobic coating technology for manufacturers to protect against water damage. It has been innovatively positioned to offer the highest levels of water protection without any adverse impact on device design or production methods.

It is a lightweight alternative to rubber seals and gaskets, which can add weight and size, impacting the design of today’s sleek electronic devices. Unlike traditional coatings, Dunkable™ is an economic and scalable solution for high-volume manufacturing.

In order to achieve this level of integration, it is important to have a deep-rooted understanding of the technology and integrate the same into mass manufacturing. P2i has an extensive patent portfolio and is presently working with pioneering brands to validate a commercial process for Dunkable™, and is poised to set a new benchmark for water damage protection with this must-have technology.

Responding to Market Needs

P2i understands that there is a market need for a truly dunkable technology which goes beyond protecting against accidental splashes and spills. P2i has already proved on tens of millions of electronic devices that the everyday splashproof technology considerably reduces water ingress and dramatically increases reliability. However, those that require protection against full submergence for a considerable time period require something more. The cutting-edge Dunkable technology by P2i offers just this by preventing water damage and long-lasting corrosion.

Dr Stephen Coulson, CTO, P2i

This technology signals the end of extra membranes, gaskets, snubbers, ugly watertight cases and clumsy plastic jugs. Dunkable™ is IPx7 without changing the look and feel of a smartphone.

According to CEO of P2i Carl Francis, Dunkable represents the latest advancement in nanocoating technology for the smartphone and tablet market. He added that the future is truly bright for P2i and its customers as it has more than 65 patent families and dedicated teams researching functional nano-coatings such as anti-scratch.

This technology signals the end of extra membranes, gaskets, snubbers, ugly watertight cases and clumsy plastic jugs - Dunkable™ is IPx7 without changing the look and feel of a smartphone.

Carl Francis, CEO, P2i

About P2i

P2i is uniquely positioned to provide tailored, invisible functionality across a range of manufacturing requirements, through proven nano-coating solutions. With commercial expertise driving application across five market sectors and a commitment to global service and support, P2i delivers outstanding performance improvement and new market opportunities to a wide range of products.

P2i was established in 2004 to commercialize technologies developed by the UK Government’s Defence Science & Technology Laboratory (DSTL). Research and development have identified innovative applications equipment and processing methods, culminating in a growing patent portfolio extending to over 65 families. Ongoing acquisitions have provided valuable new technologies such as antimicrobial, super hydrophilic and protein resistance coatings - making P2i the global leader in invisible surface functionality.

In addition to headquarters in the United Kingdom, P2i has a processing facility in the United States, an office in Singapore, and applications centers in China. P2i's technology is indicated in the Electronics sector by either its splash-proof or Dunkable™ nano-coatings. In the Lifestyle sector, the technology is known as ion-mask™, while the P2i brand is used for industrial applications, such as those found in the Filtration and Life Sciences sectors.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by P2i.

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