Application of Carbon Fiber Prepreg Technology for the Development of Unbreakable Lacrosse Shafts

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Stronger and Lighter Shafts
Arovex: Advanced Carbon Fiber Material
Exo-skeleton Structure
Shaft Testing
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C-12 Lacrosse uses the Arovex® prepeg by Zyvex to develop a novel application of Carbon Fiber Prepreg technology. C-12 Lacrosse specializes in developing unbreakable lacrosse shafts and is known for adopting a contemporary approach toward design and development. 

Stronger and Lighter Shafts

Lacrosse is one of the fastest growing sports in the U.S., a fact duly recognized by C-12 Lacrosse. According to the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association (SGMA), lacrosse is popular among both men and women. In fact, between the period of 2001 and 2010, participation in lacrosse increased to 218.1%. However, despite the rapid growth of lacrosse little innovation has been made on shafts since the advent of titanium in 1992. 

C-12 leveraged this market scenario and in turn launched a new shaft that was stronger, lighter and comparatively better than titanium, which was being used by all the top lacrosse companies.

Arovex®: Advanced Carbon Fiber Material

In order to obtain excellent strength and toughness, C-12 integrated a highly advanced carbon fiber material called Arovex into the shafts. Arovex® is a carbon-nanotube enhanced prepreg developed by Zyvex.

Figure 1. C-12 Lacrosse's seemingly unbreakable shaft technology.

The design enables better ball control and allows for faster shots, passes and temperature resistance. The seamless braided carbon fiber removes all the weak points from the shaft. This improved durability eliminates field failure rate and breaks the notion that carbon fiber lacrosse sticks fail to endure the sport’s physicality.

Exo-keleton Structure

The exo-skeleton structure is specifically developed to add a controlled, unparalleled energy, flexibility and strength transferred axially to allow for better control. The shaft is wrapped with a film which is quite strong and enables C-12 to reverse print graphics according to customers’ specifications.

With increasing popularity, C-12 shifted to a larger manufacturing site even before its first year was completed. Although carbon fiber was utilized in lacrosse shafts before, it did not delivered the desired durability and strength achieved by C-12. 

Shaft Testing

A final test was performed to validate the performance of the shaft. In this test, a 6'2", 215 pound man stood on the shaft; the shaft was also utilized to lift 270 pounds. In both the instances, the shaft did not bend or brake.


Currently, C-12 Lacrosse is working with Zyvex to implement the next line of sophisticated composites into its shafts, including improvements from graphene and carbon nanotubes.

About Zyvex Technologies

Zyvex Technologies pioneered the development of commercially available nano-engineered materials.

Beginning in 2005 with the world's first carbon nanotube enhanced products in a partnership with Easton Sports, Zyvex has continued to introduce innovative new materials products to customers in the automotive, marine, and aerospace industry.

Leveraging a $40 billion supply chain with industry leading materials manufacturers, Zyvex currently delivers nano-engineered composite carbon and glass fiber products, Arovex®, as well as adhesive products, Epovex, to performance driven customers. Beginning in 2012, Zyvex also serves the rubber product industry with ZyMER, the world's first commercially available nanomaterial engineered rubber product.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Zyvex Technologies.

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