LC.400 Series Nanopositioning Controller

The nPoint's LC.400 series controller is the latest DSP based digital control system providing closed-loop operation for up to three channels. It offers the functionality of the C400 series in a small one, two, or three-channel footprint.

nPoint controllers combine ultra low-noise driver electronics and motion sensing modules with DSP-based servo control.

The LC.400 series consists of three controllers optimized for one, two, and three channel configurations.

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Key Features

  • User-generated positioning commands are supplied via the analog BNC inputs, the USB interface or the optional high-speed parallel interface.

  • nPoint's linearization technique achieves positioning linearity better than 99.97% over the entire range of travel.

  • The LC.400 series controllers are compatible with capacitive and strain gage sensing technology to provide the most flexible nanopositioning controller in the market.

  • Moreover, stage calibration data and other parameters, such as control configurations, are stored in the ID-chip and are read automatically. High power amplifiers provide the necessary current for high-speed applications/ high-load configurations.

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