HCPN Immersion Mill for Nanoparticle Production by Hockmeyer

Hockmeyer’s HCPN Immersion Mill is a breakthrough technology in nanoparticle production. This innovative machine makes the science of nanoparticle manipulation user-friendly, giving way to novel product development.

Hockmeyer's patented containment wall retains extremely small media. This, together with additional stationary and rotating pegs, produces an intense shear zone that yields very fine grinds and tight particle distributions.

Key Features

The main features of the HCPN Immersion Mill are:

  • Patented auger optimizes product feed into the mill
  • Patented high performance hub
  • Uses ultra fine grinding beads below 0.1mm in size
  • Process times up to 6X faster than traditional mills
  • Requires less media
  • Maximizes raw material development
  • Reduces operating cost
  • Requires minimal operator interface
  • Generates less waste and product loss than traditional mills
  • Generates less wear for extended production life
  • Available with metal free wear components. 

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