KLA Tencor-500 Series Fully Automated 3D Optical Profiler Metrology Tool

The KLA Tencor-500 series 3D optical profiler is a completely automated metrology tool capable of examining 300mm wafers, that can cater to a number of applications such as roughness, bump height, film thickness, etch depth and wafer bow.

The KLA Tencor 500 series 3D optical profilers pack the power of three separate tools in one compact platform.

The Zeta3D software has a simple and intuitive user interface for data analysis and acquisition. Better productivity is ensured by a short learning curve for operators and engineers leading to better productivity.

Key Features

The key features of the KLA Tencor500 series are:

  • The high resolution 3D optical profiler takes below 30 sec per measurement. Bump height, roughness, film thickness or reflectivity and wafer bow can be determined without the need for unloading the wafer and moving it to a new tool

  • The KLA Tencor-500 series meets Class 100 standards and can be equipped with a 300mm EFEM with pre-aligner and ionizer.

  • The KLA Tencor-500 is available with several advanced imaging techniques: innovative 3D imaging is standard on all our optical profilers.

  • The Zdottechnology enables True Color imaging and a 13nm step resolution.

  • Vertical Scanning Interferometry is ideal for measuring nanometer heights over 4.5mm field of view.

  • Visible range integrated Spectroscopic Reflectometerfor thin film thickness, reflectivity and refractive index measurements

  • The KLA Tencor-500series profilers can perform height, dimensions, roughness, bow, reflectivity and thickness measurements in a single process step.

  • The high resolution 3D images and analysis from the KLA Tencor-500 series profilers also provide the answers for most defects and process excursions. This reduces the number of wafers or sites that need to be reviewed by the time-consuming and expensive AFM or SEM analysis. KLA Tencor-500 is capable of measuring from nanometers all the way up to millimeters.

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