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The GIX Microplotter Desktop from Sonoplot

SonoPlot has introduced GIX Microplotter Desktop, a benchtop picoliter fluid dispensing solution that is suitable for the polymer electronics and microarray markets.

The dispenser is the core of the Microplotter which uses controlled ultrasonics to deposit fluid in a noncontact way. This advanced technology can create picoliter droplets that draw features on a surface down to 30µm wide.

A range of fluids can be used such as aqueous solutions and mixtures based on organic solvents. Saturated solutions or viscous fluids can also be deposited easily. In addition, the ultrasonic pumping action serves as an efficient cleaning mechanism and helps in depositing various solutions quickly and sequentially.

The GIX Microplotter Desktop can draw precise continuous features such as bends, arcs and lines that are suitable for the polymer electronics field.

Key Features

The main features of the GIX Microplotter Desktop are:

  • Noncontact deposition
  • True contiguous lines, arcs and bends
  • 3-axis positioning with 20µm resolution
  • Consistent spot size and shape with coefficients of variability as low as 10%
  • Automated surface height calibration
  • FireWire camera with integrated digital video capture
  • Interchangeable holding platen for a variety of substrate sizes
  • SonoGuide™ software for full automation and control
  • SonoDraw™ software as a CAD layout tool


The main applications of the GIX Microplotter Desktop are:

  • Rapid prototyping
  • Protein microarrays
  • Macroelectronic printing
  • MALDI-ToF spotting
  • MEMS printing
  • Patterning of live cells

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