NT-MDT Titanium - Atomic Force Microscope with Automated Interchangeable Cantilevers

NT-MDT has launched Titanium, the first atomic force microscope (AFM) with a self-aligning, multiple probe cartridge for rapid and automated tip exchange.

The unique probe fabrication technology enables automated replacement of cantilevers. Cantilever exchange makes system alteration quick and easy for users. This results in efficient operation and makes the AFM to be easily operated by even less expert users.

Titanium delivers superior performance just at the press of a button. It also features the new HybriD mode, which provides outstanding quantitative results in nano-mechanical research and testing. This mode employs a unique method to deliver precise AFM imaging.

Titanium’s sturdy and stable design guarantees very low drift at 0.2 nm/minute and low noise level at 25 fm/Hz. Furthermore, the five lock-in amplifiers make the AFM ideal for piezoelectric, mechanical, and electrostatic applications.

Key Features

  • Completely automated operation
  • Rapid automated tip exchange
  • Revolution cartridge with multi-probe technology
  • Low drift and low noise level
  • Long term stability
  • HybriD mode
  • Multi-frequency AFM
  • No AFM downtime to exchange probes

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