Fully Automated, High-Resolution Desktop AFM - OPEN from NT-MDT

NT-MDT’s OPEN is a fully automated desktop atomic force microscope (AFM) specifically designed for science and technology applications.

The OPEN can be integrated with the PX Ultra controller to provide a wide range of sophisticated modes of AFM operation, for the characterization of nanomechanical, magnetic and electrical properties of the sample.

The OPEN instrument provides excellent performance with low noise characteristics. Its drift level is just ~30nm/h, which offers stable data acquisition even during ultimate and long-term resolution experiments.

Thanks to its range of methods and modes of probe measurements, the OPEN measurement complex is suitable to address challenging applications in science and technology. In addition, scanning with atomic resolution is very important in physicochemical research of nanomaterials, low-dimensional nanostructures and solid surfaces. The OPEN desktop AFM meets all these requirements.

Key Features

The main features of the OPEN desktop AFM are:

  • Fully automated desktop AFM
  • Wide range of STM and AFM modes
  • Scanning of wide range of samples of different size
  • Sample temperature and environment control
  • Low drifts and high stability
  • Low noise performance
  • Sample temperature and environment control
  • Gentle approach algorithm

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