Ultra-Compact Nanomanipulator: miBot BT-14

The miBot is a unique piezo-based positioner that has 4 degrees of freedom in an ultra-compact and light body. In contrast to a traditional manipulator, the miBot is a mobile robot.It is essentially untethered and can move freely over the surface of the base where your sample is placed. As there are no mounting screws, the miBot can be placed by hand and naturally adapts to changing geometry and sample size.

The miBot moves along its natural axes; translational and rotational motions are not coupled. This makes it very intuitive to control and users in a lab will need just a few minutes of training before starting to deliver results. The miBot is easy to use and significantly contributes in reducing the risk of damaging the samples and gives confidence to perform delicate positioning maneuvers.

The high precision miBot moves in two different modes, offering scalable positioning resolutions from the micrometer to the nanometer. In stepping mode, the piezoelectric actuators are operated with AC voltage. The range of displacements of the miBot is several centimeters with a resolution up to 40 nm. No signal is applied on the actuators to maintain the position. In scanning mode, DC voltage is applied and maintained on the actuators with the amplitude outlining the displacements. The range of displacements is a few hundreds of nanometers with a resolution up to the nanometer.

The high stiffness of the miBot monolithic design makes this instrument highly robust to vibration and ensures that motions are smooth even at high optical magnifications. Furthermore, the miBot’s small size provides better thermal and mechanical stability than manipulators with larger lever arm caused by their serial design.


  • Probe large samples with vibration free nanometer resolution motion
  • Minimize footprint of positioning instruments on test bench or microscope
  • Experiment faster while decreasing the risk of damaging user’s samples and obtaining more results
  • Protect user’s investment over time with a versatile system designed for upgradability


  • Compact and robust design
  • Scalable positioning resolution (µm to nm)
  • Centimeter range displacements
  • Decoupled movements
  • Compatibility with a number of tools and probes
  • Operates under high vacuum


  • Micro / nano handling
  • In situ material characterization
  • Electrical transport measurements
  • MEMS / NEMS testing
  • SEM / TEM sample preparation
  • Liquid dispensing
  • Local collection of light

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