Versatile AFM for Large Samples - XE15 Park Systems

Park Systems offers the XE15 atomic force microscope, which is suitable for researchers performing multi variant experiments, failure analysis engineers working on wafers, and shared labs handling a wide range of samples.

The rugged and low-cost system includes a number of unique capabilities. For instance, it has the ability to image and determine multiple samples in a single pass. Users have to simply load the stage with their samples and start the scan process. This feature also enables them to scan samples under similar environmental conditions, thus enhancing both reliability and precision of data. In addition, the multi-sample chuck in the instrument is uniquely designed to facilitate loading of up to 16 individual samples.

In contrast to most AFM instruments, the XE15 is capable of scanning large samples of up to 150mm x 150mm and provides higher resolution imaging.

Key Features

The main features of the XE15 atomic force microscope are:

  • Unique MultiSample™ scan
  • Automated imaging of multiple samples in one pass
  • Fully motorized XY sample stage
  • High resolution imaging
  • True Non-Contact™ Mode
  • Multi-sample chuck for loading up to 16 samples
  • Dual independent, closed-loop XY and Z flexure scanners
  • Precise height measurements
  • Decreased sample interference for more precise scans
  • Wide range of modes and options available

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