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STADI P Two Circle Goniometer from STOE

STOE’s STADI P two circle goniometer is a modular system that is fast, precise and reliable, and forms a part of a wide range of x-ray powder diffraction products. It is designed to be mounted both horizontally and vertically, and can be constructed in Transmission (Debye-Scherrer geometry), Reflection (Bragg-Brentano geometry), or both.

It is possible for two STADI P goniometers with same or different structures to be fitted into a single cabinet, thereby resulting in two fully independent assemblies. Additionally, the two goniometers can make use of a single source. The STADI P is an ideal platform for laboratory PDF calculations using Ag Kα1 data

Some of the reasons for measuring powder in transmission- / Debye-Scherrer geometry are as follows:

  • No height displacement
  • Real microsampling can be achieved
  • Smallest 2Θ angles possible (< 0.2° 2Θ)
  • Stable intensities over the full 2Θ scale
  • Convenient handling of hazardous or air-/moisture sensitive materials

Key Features

The main features of the STADI P two circle goniometer include:

  • Comprehensive design
  • High- and low-temperature attachments
  • Several advanced detectors
  • Transmission / Debye-Scherrer or Bragg-Brentano mode
  • Pure Kα1 radiation using Co, Cu, Fe, Ag and Mo sources
  • Suitable for studying air/ moisture sensitive and microsamples

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