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IPDS II Diffractometer from STOE

The STOE IPDS II diffractometer is a state-of-the-art diffractometer integrated with a reliable and sensitive imaging plate technology. It is designed to meet all scientific requirements such as proteins, small molecules and electron density measurements.

The IPDS II is supplied with a range of accessories, such as Goniometer heads, X-ray fibre optics, and low- and high-temperature attachments.

Key Features:

The main features of the IPDS II diffractometer are as follows:

  • A single instrument for both small molecules and proteins
  • Imaging plate technology
  • Single and dual beam capability
  • Low- and high-temperature attachments
  • Extremely low background (no dark current)
  • High dynamic range (16bits)
  • Flexible sample environment
  • Ideal for weak scatterers
  • Consistent intensities of very weak and very strong reflexions in the same frame
  • Low maintenance, low costs of ownership, long lifetime
  • Double instrument setup possible
  • X-ray fibre optics

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