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IPDS 2T Dual-Beam Diffractometer from STOE

The IPDS 2T dual-beam diffractometer from STOE offers the possibility of turning the entire goniometer around the Θ axis to an angle of 60°, producing up to 2Θmax of 137°. This additional axis feature makes the instrument more versatile.

The IPDS 2T diffractometer integrates all the features of the IPDS II. It has a dual-beam capability of utilizing two different wavelengths in the same tool. The instrument helps in determining the structure solution of proteins, small molecules and electron density and also helps in powder investigations.

Key Features:

The main features of the IPDS 2T dual-beam diffractometer are:

  • A single instrument for small molecules and proteins
  • Movable goniometer for higher 2Θ angles
  • Combines the features of IPDS II by collecting data up to 137° in 2Θ
  • Ideal for weak scatterers
  • Consitent intensities of very weak and very strong reflexions in the same frame
  • Low maintenance, low costs of ownership, long lifetime
  • Enlarged detection of reciprocal space
  • Suitable for Cu radiation and electron density measurements
  • Dual-beam capabilities for highest flexibility
  • Goniometer heads
  • Low- and high-temperature attachments
  • Imaging plate technology
  • Flexible sample environment
  • X-ray fibre optics

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