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STADIVARI Diffractometer from STOE

The STOE STADIVARI diffractometer can be used to explore reciprocal space in a fast and flexible way. It can be arranged in both vertical and horizontal position, and provides a versatile analysis of a wide range of materials.

The STADIVARI can be utilized for single crystal as well powder diffraction. It includes the Open Eulerian Cradle that provides sufficient space to add high- or low- temperature devices, high pressure cells and other chambers. Users can combine one sealed tube, two sealed tubes, one microfocus BDS and two microfocus BDS in the dual-beam setup.

The STADIVARI, the latest member of STOE diffractometers, is completely incorporated in the STOE X-Area software package.

Key Features:

The main features of the STADIVARI diffractometer are as follows:

  • Flexible goniometer (Eulerian cradle and various fixed chi setups)
  • Sphere of confusion < 0.01mm
  • Different sources (Microfocus BDS etc.)
  • High-tech interface
  • Ultrafast hybrid pixel detector
  • Utilized for single crystal and powder diffraction
  • Dual-beam setup
  • Goniometer heads
  • Temperature attachments
  • X-ray fibre optics

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