DuraVision: Fully Automatic Hardness Testing from Struers

Struers has introduced the advanced hardness testing system – DuraVision based on load cell technology. The system offers unique, simple, fast testing of Rockwell, Vickers and Brinell hardness.

The DuraVision line covers the entire load range of hardness testing, from 1 to 250kgf or 20 to 3000kgf. The system facilitates automatic test cycles of hardness evaluation, illumination adjustment, focusing, indentation and load application, with 100% repeatability.

Struers’ DuraVision is available in two options: a motorized test head (DuraVision-200/-300) and fixed test anvil or a fixed test head (DuraVision-20/-30) with manual adjustable test anvil.

Key Features

The standard features of the Struers’ DuraVision are:

  • LED system integrated with optical zoom ensures uniform illumination
  • Automatic start and unclamping function of motorized test head facilitates fast turn-around time
  • 6-position automatic turret eliminates constant re-calibration procedure
  • Detachable nose cone inserts for flexible clamping of uneven samples
  • Touch screen configuration for simple and convenient operation
  • Fixed and sturdy test anvil offers ergonomic work environment for large and heavy samples
  • Load cell-based testing conditions ensures loading repeatability and optimal accuracy
  • Automatic illumination adjustment with ring light system suitable for Brinell testing of soft samples.

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