DuraScan: Fully Automatic Hardness Tester from Struers

Struers’ new fully automatic hardness tester is the DuraScan. The DuraScan has an automatic test cycle capable of handling load selection, indentation, focusing and hardness assessments. It is designed with state-of-the-art load control that is integrated with load cell and dead weight technology, thus ensuring superior precision and repeatability, which is essential in the nanotechnology domain. Its test load range extends from 0.098N (10gf) to 98.1N (10kgf).

Struers’ DuraScan is equipped with a high-resolution CCD camera and a second CCD camera that functions as an overview camera to enable easy positioning and choosing of starting points and test series.

Struers has also provided a template management with the DuraScan that enables simple setting up and implementation of test, and LED technology to provide stable illumination intensity.

Key Features

The main features of DuraScan are as follows:

  • Automatic 6-/7-position turret with the option of setting up two indenters and four lenses at the same time, or one indenter and five lenses
  • Optional overview camera allows about seven turret positions to be used
  • Motorized phase enables fully automatic case depth (CHD/Eht), Rht, and nitrided depth (Nht) test operations
  • Broad choice of objective lenses capable of up to 3100x total magnification
  • Vertically moveable test head and fixed table in y-z-direction for optimal stability and precision
  • Workflow-based software for easy and intuitive function
  • Edge detection and color mapping function (DuraScan-50/-70/-80)
  • QR-code reader / writer unit allows easy setup and execution of test (DuraScan-10/-20)
  • Control possible via integrated PC with large touch screen panel (DuraScan-10/-20) or external PC (DuraScan-50/-70/-80)


The following are some of the key applications for DuraScan:

  • CHD measurements - Testing of welds and other single measurements
  • Micro- and macro hardness testing.

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