Q600 Simultaneous TGA/DSC for Laboratory Applications

The Q600 Simultaneous TGA/DSC thermal analyzer available from TA Instruments is a reliable, rugged, and sensitive system that provides research quality results on a wide range of samples over a wide range of temperature. The system allows independent TGA experiments to be performed on two samples concurrently.

The Q600 includes a robust, bifilar-wound horizontal furnace that provides accurate heating rate ramps and isothermal operation. The furnace has smooth, automatic opening and closing function, which makes it easy to load samples.

The Q600’s purge gas system has gas switching capability and includes dual digital mass flow controllers. It can be easily interfaced to a Fourier transform infrared or mass spectrometer. Combined with ease of use and excellent performance, the Q600 is suitable for laboratory environments.

Key Features

The main features of the Q600 Simultaneous TGA/DSC are as follows:

  • Improved DSC data
  • High sensitivity
  • Supports both TGA and DSC measurements
  • Precise and reliable horizontal dual-balance mechanism
  • Horizontal purge gas system
  • Inconel® reactive gas inlet
  • Direct reference, sample, and differential temperature from ambient to 1500°C
  • Excellent baseline performance
  • True differential heat flow signal
  • Less drift compared to single-beams designs

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