Nanoprobing SEM Solution Package for Nanomanipulation and Electrical Characterization from Imina Technologies

Imina Technologies offers Nanoprobing, a unique SEM accessory package developed for nanomanipulation and characterization of electrical devices and sophisticated materials at the nanometer scale.

The package is integrated with four piezoactuated micro robots called miBot™. These micro robots are versatile and user-friendly, enabling users to position the probes over millimeter scale samples with a resolution down to the nanometer.

The Nanoprobing package is particularly designed for low current measurements and hence leakage currents can be as low as 100 fA/V. In addition, electrical characterization of nanostructures can be performed with third party signal analyzers via the shielded cabling, featuring an exceptional signal-to-noise ratio.

The package also comes with a set of adapters, which allow users to retrofit almost any SEM, even those having a compact chamber. Installation and removal can be performed easily and quickly and thus remove the necessity to adjust the chamber of the microscope. In addition, an aperture positioned on the middle of the robot platform accommodates different types of SEM stubs, enabling users to view the specimen easily.

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Key Features

  • Faster experiments: Allows users to observe, prepare and characterize samples simultaneously
  • Versatile and accurate instruments: Mechanical manipulation and electrical measurements at the nanometer scale
  • Easy probe positioning: Adjusts the orientation to any sample geometries
  • High mechanical stability: Moves sans vibration and maintains stable electrical contacts
  • Extends the capabilities of SEM: Enables users to retrofit even small chambers sans permanent modifications


  • Nanoresonators
  • Graphene flakes
  • Nanowires
  • Thin-film transistors
  • Carbon nanotubes

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