Bruker’s ARTAX Portable Micro-XRF Spectrometer

The ARTAX is the first portable XRF spectrometer developed to meet specific requirements of non-destructive in-situ elemental analysis. The ARTAX comprises a measuring head featuring highly sophisticated technology for accurate and rapid data acquisition. Components include the XFlash® SDD and an innovative exchangeable excitation source.

The polycapillary lens of the ARTAX creates a microspot of primary X-radiation with high intensity and a size of around 70µm. Polycapillary lenses are a combination of thousands of glass capillaries which form a united monolithic structure capable of focusing an X-ray beam. The XFlash® energy-dispersive detector analyses the generated X-ray fluorescence radiation.

This Peltier cooled silicon drift detector operates nitrogen-free with high-speed, low-noise electronics. It has considerably higher energy resolution and higher count rate capability than PIN diode detectors. This enables rapid measurement during line scans and element mapping.

The integrated CCD camera shows a magnified image of the sample region under investigation. A white LED illuminates the sample to optimize image quality and contrast. Pictures are automatically stored for documentation purposes.

Key Features and Benefits

The key features of the ARTAX include:

  • Portable instrument design ensures direct, instant examination of valuable or stationary objects
  • Compact, open system permits the examination of large and uneven objects. There is no need for sample preparation
  • Helium purging - Direct measurement of light elements from Na (11) to Ar (18). Avoids vacuum, which might damage fragile samples
  • X-Y-Z stage -Reproducible positioning of the measuring head
  • Polycapillary lens for beam focusing offers the highest spatial resolution possible. Extremely high fluorescence intensity brings down measurement time
  • XFlash® silicon drift detector (SDD) – There is no need for liquid nitrogen as a cooling agent not required. High count rate causes short measurement times

Key Applications

The key applications of the ARTAX XRF spectrometer include:

  • Archaeometry
  • Research and development of advanced materials
  • Restoration and conservation
  • Process-related quality control
  • Forensic sciences

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