Bruker’s QUANTAX EDS for TEM

Bruker's QUANTAX EDS, a powerful tool for X-ray spectrometry, features slim-line technology, large area SDDs, and a high-performance pulse processing unit for rapid and reliable analysis of samples.

The new hybrid signal processing unit has over 1,500kcps input count rate which ensures optimum pulse processing speed for fast analysis.

The XFlash® 6 detector series offers high energy resolution, providing the highest quality spectra for precise analysis. The detectors permit shortest detector to sample distances for maximum solid angle in TEM and STEM.

Key Features

The main features of Bruker’s QUANTAX EDS for TEM include:

  • 30 and 60 mm² active area detectors
  • Energy resolution down to 123eV at Mn Kα (30mm² version) for superior light element and low energy analytical performance
  • Slim-line detector technology for high count rates at lower beam currents
  • Improved heat sink geometry ensures stable measurements
  • Welded bellows standard
  • High precision slider integrated with motor for accurate positioning
  • Hybrid technology signal processing unit ensures ultra-high throughput for fast measurements
  • Powerful analytical software to suit TEM applications, STEM line scan and mapping (including hyperspectral database) supported
  • TEM quantification methods supported, now including Zeta Factor


The major applications of Bruker’s QUANTAX EDS for TEM include:

  • Analysis of nano-structures, e.g. CNT, nano-particles, semiconductors
  • Life science samples, stained and labelled cells, biomineralisation etc.
  • Mapping and chemical phase analysis of structures in STEM
  • Atom column and single atom analysis

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