Micro-CT for SEM from Bruker

The Micro-CT from Bruker is a unique 3D imaging device that provides a better understanding of the internal microstructures of specimens easily and nondestructively.

The system is capable of measuring and imaging in 2D and 3D for the entire sample volume and to create realistic models of the objects.

It can be installed on any SEM with a free port of at least 65mm diameter. Sample features down to a size of 400nm can be detected.

Key Features

The main features of Bruker’s Micro-CT include:

  • Nominal resolution: 400nm – 8µm pixel size
  • Typical exposure time: 2 to 4s, possible range: 0.5 to >100s
  • Object size: 0.18 to 4mm scanning diameter, 10mm maximum object length
  • Microprocessor controller manipulates microscanner from computer via USB 2.0 port
  • Camera assembly that consists X-ray CCD camera with beryllium front window and  connection flange with vacuum feed through
  • Power supply unit for X-ray CCD camera with power cables
  • Two targets emitting X-rays for microscanner - short arm for high magnification imaging and long arm for scanning large objects
  • CD containing reconstruction, visualization, control and analysis programs, necessary drivers, documents and manuals in electronic format


The key applications of Bruker’s Micro-CT include:

  • Filter inspection
  • Paper
  • Composite materials
  • Electronics
  • Wood and plants
  • Ceramic materials

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