The Delphi Fluorescence and Electron Microscope for Simultaneous Measurement

The Delphi Microscope is a comprehensive solution, the first of its kind, enabling quick correlative microscopy with unique overlay precision.

The system is used by both electron and light microscopy users and features ease-of-use. Using the Delphi microscope, light and electron microscopy can be done using a single cost-efficient package and there is no need for high level of experience in microscopy skills in order to image or interpret data.

Precise localization for specific events is possible using fluorescence microscopy; on the other hand, comprehensive structural information with nanoscale resolution and excellent depth-of-focus is obtained using electron microscopy.

The Delphi microscope is thus ideal for life science imaging. Both the methods together offer an all-inclusive picture for the user called Correlative Light & Electron Microscopy or CLEM. CLEM can be accessed for virtually any laboratory thanks to its ease-of-use and affordability using the Delphi microscope.

Key Features

The key features of the Delphi microscope include:

  • Simultaneous measurements can be done without moving the sample.
  • Delphi automatically overlays the electron and fluorescence images using a proprietary algorithm resulting in negligible overlay errors
  • Delphi is developed as a table-top system restricting the need for more space and facilities and offered excellent ease of use.

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