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STOE STADI P COMBI Diffractometer for Combinatorial and High-Throughput Analysis

STOE has designed a new powder diffractometer for high-throughput and combinatorial measurements in transmission geometry, based on its popular STADI P model.

The STADI P COMBI provides excellent efficiency, along with several other benefits found in the STADI P system, including reliability, high precision, and compatibility with a range of state-of-the-art detectors.

The device has a sample stage capable of providing a changeable XY grid for a variety of slide-in sample holders, allowing for up to 96 different samples.

Key Features

The main features of STOE STADI P COMBI diffractometer are:

  • Transmission geometry
  • 96-fold sample stage – user selectable XY grid
  • Pure Kα1 radiation using Cu, Co, Ag or Mo radiation.

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