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STOE X-Area Detector Software for XRD Area Detectors

The X-Area software for XRD from STOE has been developed to work with all STOE imaging plate detector units, including the IPDS II, the IPDS 2T as well as the StadiVari fitted with the DECTRIS PILATUS detector. It includes the well-known software tools Recipe, X-Shape, and X-Red32

The GUI is designed for ease-of-use through the aquisition, evaluation, and presentation of data

Key Features

The main features of the X-Area software are as follows:

  • Improves data quality with 32 bits per pixel and unrestricted number of reflections in lattice parameter refinement
  • Use of elliptical reflection profile for simulating the α1/α2 splitting during integration method
  • Full integration of STOE's FaceitVideo and X-Step32
  • More use of GUI during measurement and data processing so as to provide better control, and deeper in-sight into the data
  • Better flexibility due to dynamic memory supervision.

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