TekNano Nano Particle Production Equipment from Tekna Plasma Systems

Industrial production of high quality nanopowders

TekNano nano particle production equipment from Tekna Plasma Systems produces nanopowders ranging from 50-200 nm spherical and high purity.

Tekna’s patented process is based on induction plasma technology allowing in-flight vaporization and rapid condensation of the precursor which can produce high quality nanopowder efficiently and economically. The feedstock fed to the equipment can be of gas, liquid or powder.

The TekNano product line comes in power of 15kW, 40kW, 80kW, and 200 kW. TekNano-15 is laboratory system suitable for R&D purpose; TekNano-40 and 80 are systems dedicated for pilot production and process development.

TekNano 200 is full scale industrial production system. All units are equipped with an advanced touch screen interface and a data logging functions.

Key Features

The main features of the TekNano nano particle production equipment includes:

  • Particle size control between 50-200 nm
  • Produces nanopowder with high purity
  • Processes different materials such as nitrides, carbides, oxides and pure metals
  • Core plasma temperature of up to 11000K can evaporate any materials.
  • Continuous or batch operation
  • Feedstock liquid, powder and gas
  • Optional components such as dual RF outlet, manual or automated gas flow controllers, and glove box for handling nanopowder

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